The Perfect Anime Couples Are Rare

As part of the 30 day anime challenge, I will be answering who I believe to be the perfect couple in all of the anime’s that I have watched. This may include anything from potential hidden couples to those that seem like clear couples in popular anime’s.

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So to begin with, let me go on and talk about Bleach. Bleach has a number of great characters from Ichigo to Grimmjow, to Isshin and Yoruichi. There are also a number of great couple potentials within the series. For example, Ichigo has two potential couples with Rukia or Orihime.

Rukia could even end up with Renji, it’s another possibility. Within the world of Bleach, I would really like for Ichigo and Orihime to end up together, not so much for Rukia as she could just be with Renji, if they’re not already together. Furthermore, if Bleach was my first choice, I’d had already picked Ichigo and Orihime as the favorite couple.

Red Thread of Fate Naruto and Hinata by NoahxicaHowever, there are many more anime, within the world of Naruto, like Bleach, there are a number of fantastic couples, many of which have gotten married. Naruto and Hinata, Sasuke and Sakura, and on so are wonderful couples. They are all awesome, they went from being friends within the school they went to getting married, and even staying friends with other school friends. And again, Naruto and Hinata, probably my favorite couple in the series.

Further to this, there are a number of other fantastic anime such as Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan, Kaneki and Touka from Tokyo Ghoul, Kirito and Asuma from Sword Art Online, all the awesome couples within the world of Dragon Ball including Goku and Chi Chi. However, there is still one anime I have yet to cover, this being Fairy Tail. So who my favorite couple is, you ask. Well that is…

Gajeel and Levy Council Team Unison Raid by Blanania

Gajeel and Levy, probably the only Fairy Tail couple I wouldn’t mind watching. Gajeel, the hard head Dragon Slayer and Levy the awesome and cool geeky girl able to form any sort of letter based material are probably the secret couple that we all know like each other but isn’t clearly shown in the manga or anime.

The reason why I chose Levy and Gajeel is due to the fact that they’re both awesome, and the type of personality they have wouldn’t be seen together but somehow it just works. Even recently, we saw Gajeel and Levy, supposedly wake up to an attack from the Alvarez Empire, but this being in the same bed which might go some way into showing how comfortable they are with each other.

On top of which, Fairy Tail has a number of potential couples such as Evergreen and Elfman, Natsu and Lucy or Lisanna, Laxus and Mirajane, and so on. The show has a number of great couples, not forgetting the popular Jellal and Erza, but they can’t be together for whatever reason. Furthermore, there is also Gray and Juvia which is a good couple, they’re slowly getting there. Nevertheless, form all of these good couples, Levy and Gajeel are some that are just too good.

Even during the year when Fairy Tail broke up, both Levy and Gajeel stuck together and went ahead to join into the Magic Council in order to both stay together as well as to earn some extra money in order to get a wage. So overall, this post has been interesting to write, what are your opinions here? Who is your favorite anime couple, go ahead and comment down below telling us who it is.

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      1. nickdunnaquatic

        Ya they are definitely an old couple. They were 16 in 1993 when the anime came out. I like them because throughout the show they’re relationship grows and it’s very realistic.

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    1. Sunite

      Hmmm that’s a tough question, I think it should be someone we don’t know. And I’m sure that Kakashi has fallen in love, but someone outside the village that he’s met.


  1. Ree

    Just like the heading has portrayed “The perfect anime couples are Rare”, Ichiruki is my OPT. Cause it is the only anine/manga pairing which is rare compared to other stereotypical shouen works!


  2. Ryo

    Just like the heading has portrayed ” The perfect anime couples are Rare “, Ichiruki is my OPT. Cause it is the only rare pairing compared to other stereotypical shouen works.


  3. Cris

    My favorite couple is NATSU and LUCY because I’ve been waiting since episode one.
    It’s so ovious that they like each other.No like really Natsu always saves Lucy.And now in the Manga she was considered about him and when he left to go training with Happy.Lucy cried and ran to the others.AND FOR PETE SAKE NATSU AND LUCY THEY ARE THE COUPLE THAT HAS TO BE OK!!!#NaLu4life


    1. kirito100

      I also ship Natsu with Lucy cause there are so many hints and things that will make you ship them.For example; in the 2nd season of FairyTale, in the ending song it shows future Natsu and Lucy on a date. well that’s it so bye!


  4. kirito100

    Ok … so I think the perfect anime couple is Asuna x Kirito from Sword Art Online. In fact im listening to Alive by Krewella Nightcore -Asuna and Kirito as im writing this so yay me!!! lol I also fangirl over Kazuto Kirigaya AKA Kirito! *nosebleeds while thinking of Kirito* ok do not fangirl now please! …….Anyway that’s it so bai!


  5. Soraya Czeslaw

    I think Ryuta and Himiko from Btoom! had the best relationship development ever. And let’s not forget about Roy Mustang x Riza Hawkeye chemistry! It was so dynamic. Lol I ship anime couples so hard I have around 100 ships 😛


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