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This article answers day 10 of my anime challenge which answers what my favourite fighter anime is. I will be talking about a few anime’s I think are pretty awesome when it comes to fighting and then reveal what I think the best show for anime fights are, so let’s begin.

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Bleach Ichigo Hollow Half MaskSo the majority of the anime shows and movies I watch includes some sort of fighting or competition which involves some sort of match. Anything from sports shows to anime’s which involves a ton of fighting. So lets begin, I think Bleach is awesome, possibly my favourite anime of all time, the battle scenes are awesome.

Bleach being Bleach, I began watching the anime a long time ago, it’s been one of the few anime’s that drove me to watching similar types of anime. Along with having some crazy and awesome fights, the story is immensely good. The manga is drawn superbly with amazing detail and fantastic story telling.

Naruto and SasukeNext up, like always is Naruto, some very iconic battles have happened in this anime such as the one with Naruto vs Sasuke, Gaara vs Naruto, Sasuke vs Itachi and those which include the Akatsuki, these were all amazing fights, they have their own message and was just fantastic to watch and support one of the other. Although one thing that’s kind of pissing me off right now is the fact that the anime itself is ruining itself by adding multiple number of filler episodes, it’s literally just ran the series to the ground for me. And this is supposed to be the final arc, please someone save this series.

Fairy Tail, awesome show with a ton of awesome fights, from the S-class members of Fairy Tail to the mages belonging to dark guilds. There is never a boring moment, even with all the semi-ecchi moments within the series, there isn’t a lot more you can ask from this series, it’s a good one.

One Piece We're Back After 2 YearsOne Piece, along with the other three is another fantastic series. I’m steadily getting through it, I’m around Ace’s arc where he’s about to executed. So far, it’s been awesome, the battles have been crazy. Luffy’s dream to become the King of the Pirates is something that will happen eventually but he has to get much stronger.

Just this year I went through a number of crazy and wonderful anime shows, some were 10/10 others weren’t so and thus I usually just drop them half way through. Nevertheless, the ones that I really like, I usually post them on the blog to get some feedback on if anyone else likes it. One of those anime which got some really good feedback was the Fate/Stay Night series. That is why I am choosing Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works as having some of the best fights I’ve ever seen, Ufotable is awesome.

Image (1) fate-stay-night-unlimited-blade-works.jpg for post 20183

Having some of the best animation and art that I’ve ever laid eyes on, Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works has to be a great favourite for me. Even if I have yet to watch the other series such as Zero and others, I largely think that Unlimited Blade Works will always hold the title for amazing anime.

It’s cinema/movie type animation and fights, especially, are something that I was mind blown from. The show captured me in an instant after the first episode and the battle between Archer and Lancer. I just couldn’t believe such a show had such an immense production, and two seasons later, I was happy to have watched this series.

Anyways, what do you think about this post? What is your opinion Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. On top of which what anime do you think is your favourite fighter anime. Go ahead and comment down below telling us all.

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  1. ramexa

    I absolutely love anime with loads of action! My favourites are ‘The 7 deadly sins’, ‘Bleach’, ‘Full metal alchemist: brotherhood’. And I’ve heard a lot about Fate/Stay. I’ve just gotta watch it now. 🙂

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      1. nickdunnaquatic

        My favorite Ultimate Phantasm is probably Sabers. Hers is just so powerful. I’m still thinking which type of hero I would be. Saber, Archer, Lancer, Berserker, Caster, Rider, or Assassin.


  2. ayrgalaxy

    I still have to watch Fate Stay Night. My brother told me about it but I have a long list of anime I need to watch and a lot of manga to read. Not sure where to begin, as I don’t want to have too much going on at once. Lol.

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  3. Arria Cross

    I agree. Fight scenes, when done right, makes a series so awesome. As for the fillers, it can’t be helped. Fillers are, in a way, the animators’ attempt to save an anime so that it won’t catch up to the manga. If they didn’t do that, they’ll be forced to literally stop broadcasting the anime until there are enough chapters in the manga to be adapted.

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    1. Sunite

      With Naruto, the anime has ended, and they’re still stuffing Naruto fans more fillers down their throats. It’s sad really. In my opinion, it’s what happened with Bleach, the anime caught up with the manga and thus Kubo may have been forced to stop the anime, although I believe it’ll be back soon.


      1. nickdunnaquatic

        Took the words right out of my mouth. I’m just waiting for Naruto to show us cannon again. I believe Bleach will come back soon. Most likely next year. We have nearly 3 years of canon story for Bleach to return.


      2. Arria Cross

        Oh well. Both of those are (in)famous for their fillers so you sort of expect it, although it would be nice to watch just the adaptation of the manga. Personally, I don’t mind fillers. Of course there are crappy fillers but there are some good ones, too. I just like to see manga and anime as two different medium. It’s up to the discretion of the animators and the people involved in the anime whether they make fillers to keep the anime going or to stop it in order for the manga to catch up. Besides you must wonder why Naruto and Bleach are still going strong with fans all over the world even if both series are filled with fillers. Plus Bleach anime has stopped a long time ago. And yes, like you I wish that Bleach anime will adapt the rest of the manga. It’s about time.


          1. Arria Cross

            Oh, I hope so. I heard rumours last year that Bleach is going to restart in 2015 which is this year and it’s already November! I just hope that that rumour of it starting again next year is real. Cross fingers.


  4. Takuto's Anime Cafe

    While I tend to avoid long-running anime (for that reason alone) I have seen Fate/Stay Night: UBW, and it has some of the best fights I’ve ever taken in my eyes! But aside from the visuals, I actually was gripped by the intense sound effects that ripped apart concrete and ringed with the clashing of swords and spears. Awesome stuff!


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