Everybody’s Battle! Wahl Icht’s Main Body – Fairy Tail 461

Fairy Tail 461 see’s everyone and every guild be notified about the war that is about to begin. After Wahl Icht’s body is destroyed, Azir getting defeated and Brandish getting captured, the real Wahl Icht along with Dimaria with a ton of war ships come by sea when Wahl shoots his gun 400 km away,  Ichiya is forced to use Christina to block the shot from Wahl destroying the loving ship.

Fairy Tail 461 begins as everyone is surprised that Ichiya is in Magnolia all this time, he begins to remind everyone as they got onto his ship in order to save Makarov. He’s been there in order to perform maintenance and refueling on Christina, but all of a sudden the Alvarez decided to launch an attack on them. They’re super happy that he came to save them.

Freed notices something as Wahl’s face begins to move as it fully explodes, everyone notices the explosion. Freed, Evergreen and Bickslow all surround Ichiya in an effort to protect him. He’s shocked as it seems that they’ve paid their debt and that they’re glad he’s alright. He begins to cry after noticing how good they are.

At the South of Fiore, we see hundreds of ships coming to Magnolia, we see a man laughing with a psycho voice as Dimaria tells him to shut up. The man is revealed to be Wahl Icht’s main body. He mentions that this battle has become even more exciting. It seems that it was too much on his own doll to pull off. He saw it coming.

He tells Dimaria that the real kicker is that Azir got his ass kicked and Brandish got captured. Dimaria laughs as how bad Brandish really is. Wahl mentions that it seems that Fairy Tail has some fight in them, all while Dimaria mentions that it’s why Zeref deployed the entire army.

Wahl then changes mentioning that there is something not funny about this, the fact that they’re being made fools off. Wahl gets ready as he plans on using his newly created gun in order to blast Fairy Tail out of the ground. It’s around 400 KM away, he charges up mentioning that he’s the Master of Machina and thus will definitely hit it.

He launches his Hyper Long Range Anti-Matter Magic Cannon! It furiously travels through the lands when Warren notices it, they think it’s more troops but Mavis mentions that it’s probably an attack. They need Freed to put the barrier back up again. It gets closer and closer every second when everyone hears a voice.They all see Christina swoop in as she takes the hit from the gun aimed at Fairy Tail!

Everyone is shocked when Ichiya declares that a way and a battle has sparked between nations. It’s time gentleman, it’s time for battle! This is everyone’s battle as every guild here’s this, this is what it means to have friends, that’s what it means to be a Guild! Everyone from Blue Pegasus, Sabertooth, Mermaid Heel, Quatro Cerberus and many others join forces to help Fairy Tail out. Fairy Tail 461 ends here.

A fantastic chapter seeing how Fairy Tail’s next battle against Alvarez will go. This time, everyone from every guild will be involved in helping Fairy Tail. The all out battle has finally begun. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 462, titled “Battlefield”, when we continue with this fantastic story.

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