Face Activation! Acnologia vs Igneel – Fairy Tail 258

Fairy Tail 258 continuous the battle between Acnologia and Igneel whilst Face is brought back into the scene after Erza is forced to fight against Kyoka who has upgraded into her Etherious form in order to bond with the Face activation system. All while Natsu begins his battle against Mard Geer, noticing that Mard will have to fight serious from now on.

Fairy Tail 258 begins with the repeat of what happened last week and how Acnologia was truly formed. Igneel vs Acnologia continues on as the other Dragon Slayers feel better. Mard Geer watches the match between the dragons. Wendy is also feeling a lot better. Everyone begins to ask the question of what is really going on.

Mard Geer mentions that he will not allow for them to interfere in his plan, Natsu realises that he needs to ask Igneel everything, thus he rushes off to meet Igneel in the sky.  Igneel calls him a fool as Natsu begins to ask all the questions now. Acnologia tries to attack him but Igneel uses his Roar to create a large fireball with such intensity that it pushes Igneel back.

Everyone is shocked, but it did no damage to Acnologia. Igneel is fired up, Igneel gives Natsu a job by hiring him to defeat Mard Geer and retrieve the END book. In turn, he must not open or destroy the book. He accepts and asks for a reward of all his questions being answered.

Natsu is thrown towards Mard Geer where he fights Mard, telling that he’s the son of Igneel and that he will destroy him. Natsu and Igneel strike their opponents at the same time, using their legs and fists to push their opponents back. Natsu is fired up. Elsewhere, we see Mard talk to Kyoka as he asks for her to accelerate the Face activation.

Telling her to connect using a living link with the lacrima where she’ll be able to activate Face whenever she can. On top of which, it means that she will die, when she is told that it’s all for Zeref. She does so, connections and accelerates it, on top of which lights appear for the number of Face weapons. And Kyoka turns into her Etherious Form allowing him to battle against Erza. Fairy Tail 258 ends here.

A pretty good episode if you ask me, a lot has happened and now dragons fight while preventing END and Face from activating. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 259, titled “00:00”, when even more surprises come into light and Face Activation is right on the tip of activating.

What do you think?

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