No Bleach 624 Chapter This Week

Just a quick heads up that there will be no Bleach 624 Chapter this week, it appears as thought Kubo Tite has fallen ill, or something made it impossible for him to publish a chapter this week. Bleach 624 will resume normally back on the 23rd of April.

Also a quick note that the entire catalog of Weekly Shounen Jump manga’s will be on break the week after the next. It’s unknown why Kubo couldn’t publish Bleach 624, but guessing that he’s ill or something came up is all we can say at the moment. Here’s the schedule for the next 4 weeks:

Date Chapter
16/04 None
23/04 624
30/04 None
07/05 625

I know some of you may be upset, and want your weekly chapters, so here’s a little funny comic by MaouNoSekai posted on their Tumblr blaming Aizen for all these delays.

Aizen interupts Bleach chaptersSource: Bleach on Reddit

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      1. Nick Dunn

        Man I know! My favorite was when she did the chapter where Kisuke said that Byakuya said Kensei and Rojuro were with Mayuri, and Shinji tight they were in a band and it was Suspicious 🙂


    1. Sunite

      There isn’t a clear reason to why he couldn’t publish a chapter this week, that’s why it could be some sort of illness or something to do with the actual chapters.


  1. Bleach

    Is Kubo actually the only person who draws the manga. He for sure does the story by himself, but I feel like he can get help with the illustrations (extra people or software). Also they should just bring the Anime back, and put the manga every 2 weeks to give Kubo a rest or anything.


    1. trinin ninja

      Ive heard from somewhere that kubo has people who help him draw and direct where the plot is headed to an extent. I’ll try to find a link.


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