Sakura’s Chakra Trouble! Sasuke’s Strength – Naruto Shippuden 408

Naruto Shippuden 408 carry’s on with Sakura, Ino and Choji as they face more enemies, this time they’re completely controlled by the enemy who disable both Ino and capture and control Choji. On top of which we see that Sasuke has begun his plan of getting Karin and Suigetsu in his side.

Naruto Shippuden 408 see’s Sakura falling to the ground due to the extreme heats around them, she is unable to do anything. As she’s asleep, she remembers her teaching with Tsunade where she learned about Mitotic Regeneration and the 100 Healing Jutsu where it would need 3 years of chakra reserves to work. She needs to store and delicately direct lots of chakra into a stored center.

Sakura isn’t able to do this as her main reserve is really low, she cannot go out or perform surgery. However, over time she grew it. Now, Choji and Ino, as well as Sakura face Saya, Sana and Mamushi whereby they seem to be puppeteer. Saya and Mamushi take on Choji while Sana takes on Sakura and Ino.

The puppet use Sana takes hair from Ino and quickly performs puppet magic on them to which it takes on Ino over as she then begins to fight Sakura. Then as Choji is about to kill Saya and Mamushi, she takes Choji over as he’s big, letting the other two off.

Then commands Choji to kills Ino and Sakura. At this point, both Saya and Ino inside Choji’s body battle it out while Sakura is the only one left that can fight, however she hasn’t got enough chakra to herself to battle. She thinks of the time she always stood behind Sasuke and Naruto.

We go to Sasuke where he’s just defeated a large number of shinobi’s, with Orochimaru and Kabuto there. He goes on a mission to give Karin a sample for their experiment. He meets Suigetsu for the first time where they don’t really know each other that well.

Sasuke tells Suigetsu that he wants to see how strong he is, therefore he programs a man to mistakenly unleash the water surrounding Suigetsu, he gets out and causes chaos. Both Sasuke and Karin to look for him, to which her sensory skills her them tracking him.

Sasuke asks her why she follows Orochimaru, to which we see a young Karin, last of her kind, being outcast by everyone while Orochimaru takes her under his wing. Sasuke asks if he’s stronger than Orochimaru, would he follow him. Suigetsu shows up at a lake where they begin their battle.

Suigetsu tries to attack Sasuke but fails, when his sword is stuck in him. Suigetsu is defeated using Karin’s special attack, similar to that of Kushina where she uses her chains to defeat him. Sasuke realises that he can use them, thus needs to get both of them in his side. Sakura is in trouble, she faces an attack from Choji and cannot do anything. Naruto Shippuden 408 ends here.

A good episode, it seems like we’ve got quite a bit left of these filler episodes, I can’t wait to see what happened back in the fights, I truly cannot wait. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 409, titled “Their Backs” when we see the battle between the enemies of Sakura and thus get sorted out.

There are 2 comments

  1. LP EAST

    Ok hands down, a really good filler arc, (a whole lot better than Fairy Tail fillers) I want to go back to the canon, but if we keep getting a lot of good fights, then I’m not complaining.


    1. Sunite

      They’re okay fights personally, the Sasuke bit made it a lot better. Its nice to see that not only the chunin exam is happening at once. And yeah a lot better than FT fillers, ALOT!


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