Don’t Let History Repeat Itself – Boruto and Sarada

You may remember this moment from the original series when Naruto and Sasuke stared at each other, when Naruto was mistakenly pushed by someone into Sasuke leading to an eventual kiss. Well, this is a whole new story and by this I mean that Sasuke won’t let Boruto and Sarada happen as he’s there to quickly diminish all thoughts of this happening as he stops them both!

Sarada and Boruto Intense Moment Boruto Pushed Boruto gets close to Sarada Sasuke stops Boruto kissing Sarada Sasuke stops Boruto Sarada Kissing

So you might clearly remember after seeing these awesome images, and from what we’ll see in the future we’ll probably see these two together in the near future. On top of which, it was created by Malengil who has a number of funny animated images on their page, check them out.


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          1. Nick Dunn

            Oh ya! I heard he is making a mini series! I can’t wait! I’m catching up with the anime. I’m at the part when Kakashi fights Obito.


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