Minerva battles Erza! Natsu Follows Voice – Fairy Tail 229

Fairy Tail 229 follows the meet up between Minerva and Erza as they once again meet up to battle, however Erza is in her young and child form, unable to control enough of her power. Natsu hears a voice after the Moon Drip escapes from Happy’s hands and into the floor, it melts the ice leading to Natsu following a voice, he also meets Doriate from Succubus Eye as he turned Erza and Natsu into their current forms.

Fairy Tail 229 begins as Erza falls down from the top of the weird-looking fire-looking ice-type mountain. She notices with her new form she has lost control as well as power to control her body. Her physique is also very low. She needs to go back to normal asap.

Natsu and others are still fighting the treasure hunters, however Gray seems to have secretly obtained the flask of moon drip, to which the others try to get it back by shooting, while Natsu and others pass it around, with Happy being the last one to catch he completely lets go and misses it.

It drops to the ground, melts the ice and everyone gets so shocked, on top of which Natsu walks towards Happy, he thinks he will beat him. However, Natsu walks past him and towards the ground which has melted, mentioning that he can hear something from the ground. He can hear someone’s voice, and it’s familiar to him.

He just can’t remember the voice, the others quickly follow behind. The members of the treasure guild follow behind them. Natsu runs quickly when he meets Doriate, a member of Succubus Eye where he quickly turns Natsu into his small kid form.

We notice the it has become a lot harder for Erza to transform now, on top of which we see that Minerva came to meet her. Erza tells her that all members of Sabertooth have been worried and looking for him. After she had disappeared, they thought she had died in the battles with the dragons.

Minerva dismisses this saying that she has changed guilds and is now part of a much stronger guild. Erza asks if she is responsible for altering her form, by which she said her partner did this. On top of which Doriate and Natsu go at it, while Natsu isn’t able to attack with minimal power, thus he gets punched and has to trick the enemy and try to escape.

He runs off and quickly chases after the voice. Doriate removes his mask as we see a weird face of his, with large teeth. On top of which we see Lucy and Wendy, while members of the treasure guild disguise as Happy and Carla to steal the rare gold celestial keys. Hiroshi provokes Wendy by hitting the frozen giants, Wendy nearly gets herself shot when Flare appears! Everyone’s about to begin their battle as Fairy Tail 229 ends here.

A good build up to some crazy battling, and Natsu is chasing after someone he knows but doesn’t quite remember it right at this point. On top of which, I can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 230, titled “Demon Returns” when we see more awesome and battles continuing.


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