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As part of the 30 Day Anime Challenge, this post answers Day 2 of what my favorite anime I’ve watched so far. Let’s begin by saying that this post is entirely my opinions and as far as I can remember, I haven’t watched a ton of anime shows, however I am slowly building up my portfolio of recommended anime’s. 

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I think there are multiple answers to this question of what my favorite anime is. To start with, I am currently building my list of shows that I’ve watch or watched, by primarily looking into the seasonal shows which appear. On top of this I’ve been going back to watch larger more popular shows such as One Piece.

I think for this answer I will mainly concentrate on shows which I believe to have fully ended, by this I currently cannot fully say that Naruto has ended (even if the manga has) and this goes for Bleach as the anime seems to have halted, but manga still goes on. I think if both of those had ended, this post would have been a lot easier.

Excalibur Arc with KiritoOkay so lets begin, I’d like to first mention Sword Art Online (SAO), the first time I had heard of the concept of getting stuck in a game and playing through the levels to survive, I was blown away, I loved the first season that I even decided to write about the second season on here but ultimately everything broke down and the anime went back to being mediocre.

After that, I watched a lot of shows such as Attack on Titan, No Game No Life, Black Bullet, Ping Pong The Animation, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Log Horizon, Terror in Resonance, Akame ga Kill and many more. I’d like to also add that Tokyo Ghoul was pretty good, however since there might be another season coming out soon (not sure about this) that I can’t choose it as a favorite right now.

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade WorksFate/Stay Night is also a series which could have possibly been a favorite here, but since I’ve not watched the other parts and series, as well as plots and story lines, I guess I can’t make it a favorite just yet. Kill La Kill, another fantastic series which I really liked, although there was something missing, so it still can’t be considered.

Kuroko's BasketballKuroko no Basket, a fantastic series which I absolutely loved, it is probably my one of the best series which I absolutely loved of 2015, the whole story is well thought out and the anime does a great job of covering each of the players as well as teams. The action is awesome and it’s something that anyone can just play and enjoy. Yet it’s still not my number one.

So what could be my favorite anime so far? Well, there were two seasons and it ended quite well. Undoubtedly, it’s a hybrid between a mech anime and a story driven anime. Well, the answer is Aldnoah.Zero!

Aldnoah ZeroI’ve not talked about Aldnoah Zero on this blog a lot, although I have mentioned in a post as a recommendation to check it out. To briefly sum up the show, it follows Inaho Kaizuka and Slaine Troyard on two different sides of the war. They become important people in the eyes on their enemy when the Princess of the Martians tries to make peace with the Humans.

It follows a complicated story of love and lies as they try to fight for their sides. It is also based in the future and largely focused in space where both side fight it out. What largely brought me into this series was the fact that the animation/design, soundtrack, story were on point. I fell in love with the series in season 1 and was ecstatic for the second season.

I’ve not watched a lot of mech-type anime, but I believe that compared to others, this one places story and characters before the actual mech, by this I mean that there is much more to this story then just the mech’s, even if they’re amazing in this story.

So there you have it, Aldnoah Zero seems to be my favorite series, for the mean time anyways. By writing all of this, I think I feel like going back and watching the series once more. So what are your thoughts? What is your all time favorite anime? Use the comment section to tell me your opinion.

I’m going to leave this video here too because of how awesome it is, and yes it’s from Aldnoah Zero, although it’s an English cover.

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      1. Nick Dunn

        Oh well my list is this. Bleach, Pokémon, Fate Stay at night, Naruto, Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Ghost in a shell, and Sword art online. I have to say those are the ones I truly enjoy the most. Also Fooly Cooly.


          1. Nick Dunn

            You know too well! 😉 yes it would be my number 1. That’s why I know for a fact Bleach is return as an anime cause I really want to see the final arc animated and see all the things he will add to the arc.


              1. Nick Dunn

                Ya I know it has. I know this arc has some points I kinda disagree with but it’s been the best one so far. Especially with this current fight.


      1. Mkoirala

        It’s basically about banished knights, who save the kingdom they were banished from, and there are demons and magic involved, kind of like king Arthur and stuff,


  1. dreager1

    All right, so I finally see what your favorite anime is! This 30 Day Anime Challenge has definitely been a lot of fun to follow so far and look forward to the answers coming up! I’ve never seen that show, but the animation certainly looks really good! My favorite show of all time is easily Yugioh GX. I love the cardgame genre and it’s the definitive installment for me. After that

    2nd place is Digimon Data Squad. The ultimate Digimon series imo.

    3rd place is Cardfight Vanguard. It was definitely a blast!

    4th place is Madoka Magica. It was so much better than I had anticipated. I entered it with relatively low hopes.

    Finally, 5th place would go to Yugioh 5Ds. It was definitely a lot of fun and took a serious approach to the card genre.


    1. Sunite

      Ohh interesting, I’d thought Bass would be involved? Maybe his anime? But a lot of these are card based or versus anime’s like Vanguard and Yugioh, Digimon is a little different, and I can remember you telling me about Magica a while ago.


      1. dreager1

        Yes, Bass briefly appeared in Megaman Nt Warrior, Megaman Axess, and Megaman Stream, but he unfortunately only got a very small role in all of those shows. A bigger role would have definitely made a difference! That being said, Megaman NT Warrior Axess would certainly be in my top 10! Yeah, Card fighting anime and toyetic type shows like Digimon and Pokémon are definitely two of my favorite genres. After that would be the Shonen adventures, There are just so many good anime to watch! I’m also catching up on some western animated shows. I marathoned through the 90’s Superman and Batman shows so now I’m working on Batman Beyond and Justice League. I’m also catching up on the 90’s TMNT title. The array of good shows never stops!


  2. LitaKino

    I enjoyed your read on this it’s very hard to pick an anime of all time ahaha and god the more I hear about this Aldnoah.Zero! on wordpress the more I keep kicking myself I haven’t watched it yet >.<


  3. chrono

    Id put code geass as my second fav after attack on titan, then bleach as the third. Perhaps the best thing about geass though is the ending, it was just so brilliant. Another interesting anime is hunterx hunter, but its wierd because a lot of people don’t talk much about it despite it being incredible. And then finally the masterpiece that is FMA Brotherhood.


    1. Sunite

      Hunter x Hunter got quite a lot of exposure although I never got into it that much, while on the other hand I began watching Fullmetal Alchemist but out of nowhere never got round to catching up. And Attack on Titan is awesome! Also heard quite a bit about code Geass, although never got round to watching it.


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