Anime I’m Ashamed I Enjoyed

As part of the 30 Day Anime Challenge, I am writing this post to answer one of the questions regarding an anime I watched which I was somewhat ashamed to watch, even if I enjoyed it. Honestly, I am one of those people who usually sticks to one type of genre, I don’t usually steer out and watch other sorts of anime unless I somehow get hooked.

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So, like I mentioned previously, I’m one of those people who usually sticks to one sort of genre when it comes to anime. This usually being anime which has a hero, villain, and somehow have the hero has to get through all odds and win. This usually being translated in many different ways.

Free AnimeMost seasons, I try to check out most of the interesting anime which I think I may like, usually this is what others do too. I think one anime which I liked but didn’t really bother to tell anyone else was Free! An anime based on teenagers who love to swim, but once they split up, they try and face against each other to find who the best is.

The one thing about this anime was that at times, it seemed like the anime was targeted mostly at girls who would just shriek at every moment something happened. Nevertheless, the anime did have a great number of aspects, such as the tension it build up between the antagonist and protagonist.

But overall, I think there is one anime which I though I was a little ashamed that I enjoyed, even if I didn’t quite finish it.

Your Lie In April Poster

So, Your Lie April or Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso would most likely be an anime I was a little ashamed of watching. I started this anime and was somewhat hooked by the relationship between the girl and boy, the relationship intrigued me. When I found out about the past about Kousei, and how his mother pushed him to become a great young pianist, it hit hard because those moments were really tear jerkers.

On top of that, when the series began to get even more intense, due to the fact that the girl, Kaori, was found to be ill and had some kind of illness, I instantly thought that this anime would certainly end in some kind of sad way. The unfortunate thing about this is that I didn’t actually finish this anime.

At certain points, this anime just got way too intense as I knew that the anime would end in a death of some kind. So after not finishing the anime, I think that the anime will stayed unfinished as I think that the anime will end in a way that I wouldn’t want it to. It’s not the best anime for this anime, but from all I’ve watched, I think this would be the best shot for it being something I enjoyed but couldn’t finish.

Anyways, what do you think? What are anime’s that you enjoyed but felt a little ashamed that you watched? Go ahead and comment down below telling us how you feel. Be sure to also share this page using the buttons below.


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  1. T-BO

    Kill la Kill was a perverts dream, lol. I just really liked the fighting a lot. I definitely would not watch it in public but I recommended it to a lot of people and they loved it too.

    Currently I’m watching Prison School and again, it’s a perverts dream but I find it hilarious. I’m usually an action based kind of fan but I can’t help but tuning in to see what new trouble those guys can get themselves into.

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    1. Sunite

      Wahoo hey T-Bo! Kill La Kill, agreed, it was very perverted, but it moved away from it and had a lot more messages based on the current world we live in. Nevertheless, I’ve read a lot of the Prison School manga, and agreed that the anime is really perverted. I’m surprised it’s even being shown so publicly. Haha yeah I watched the first episode and quickly knew that it would be very similar to the manga, so quickly just dismissed it hah. They’ll get into a lot of trouble.

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      1. davidoko

        Well, I don’t watch anime all the time. There was a certain manga I read. I usually stick to action manga in any form. Supernatural or not. Change 123 was the first non action and one of the besr non action manga I have ever read.
        There is this girl who had multiple personality disorder. Well her and her boyfriend went through multiple problems because of that. At a certain point she nearly lost her real personality permanently. Actually it was also a little bit of martial arts.

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  2. nickdunn19aqua

    Certain anime don’t peek my interest so much. Mainly perverted anime or “girls underwear flashing” is not my thing. I have seen Free, and it’s kinda suggestive. Too much for my taste. I felt the same when I first watched Fairy tail. It didn’t interest me very much and the fan service was annoying me. I might give it another chance sense you like it Sunite.


      1. nickdunn19aqua

        I like fighting and dramatic anime. I haven’t seen spiral. I recently saw Stein Gate, which is a suspense psychological anime that really got my attention.


          1. nickdunn19aqua

            I don’t mind romance. As long as it’s not sappy or generic. My first romance anime was Ranma 1/2. Stein Gate is so good dude, only problem is the build is slow. I also watched another anime I forgot what it’s called. But it’s about a group of people captured and stuck on an island with different types of grenades. They all have to try and kill each other to survive. Its Suspenseful And Graphic in A sense.


  3. ramexa

    I intensely enjoy ‘Kill LA kill’ and ‘Food wars’. But these both anime have soooooooooo much fan service!!!! But they’re just soooooooooo hilarious!
    Awesome post!


  4. dreager1

    I really can’t say that I’ve enjoyed any anime that I’m ashamed of. I’ve seen some anime titles that I wish I could unsee like FLCL, but in a way, it’s good that I got to experience just how terrible (IMO, no offense to anyone who likes the title of course) an anime could possibly be. I could barely sit through the title and it was only about 6 episodes! If I wouldn’t recommend an anime to someone, then I’d just give it a negative score anyway.

    For example, take Gurren Lagann. In terms of epicness, I’d give it 9 stars easy! That being said, the show did have some fanservice in the first half so I took 2 stars away from that and would warn people about it before checking the title out. So, I can keep on watching anime with a clear conscience!


    1. nickdunnaquatic

      That’s usually how my friends and I watch anime. We usually warn each other if fan service is always involved for its moderate to the point where you don’t care. I actually liked Fooly Cooly alot. I’m kinda ashamed to like it cause it’s weird and it is only six episodes.


      1. dreager1

        Yeah, it’s definitely a good strategy as fanservice can really wreck any show no matter how good the writing is. It’s why shows like Kill la Kill were doomed for me from the start and others that I found to be interesting like Medaka Box, I’d probably give like a 3 for the anime because of the fanservice.


    2. Sunite

      That’s interesting, I’ve had one of my previous house mate tell me to watch Gurren Lagan, its even on Netflix, although just from the looks of it, it seemed like an anime with some soul. Just an anime for the anime of an anime. However, I’ve not watched or seen trailers, and if I didn’t, I might have a different opinion.


      1. dreager1

        I’d definitely recommend checking out the second half of the series. Right after Spoiler died, the series went from being decent (3-5) to being 9 stars. If every episode before the spoiler death had not existed, the show would have definitely been a 9. Once the character was taken out of the show, the fanservice was eliminated, which was amazing as few shows ever get rid of that element.


  5. Takuto's Anime Cafe

    Dude, no shame for Free! It’s actually one of my favorites! But others I’m kinda ashamed to admit I enjoyed a ton, umm . . .Kill la Kill (but it actually made good sense and themes by the end), someone said Food Wars, yeah, me too, and I’ll end with Strike Witches. Cause you know, girls in panties with planes for legs is TOTALLY acceptable by all of society 😉


    1. Sunite

      Hah Free was a really good anime, but I was a little shamed when watching it. Kill La Kill may have been a little ecchi but it didn’t have any affect on what I thought about the anime. Food Wars has very little shame for me, its more awesome in my opinion. The only times it get weird when they taste something amazing.

      Liked by 1 person

            1. nickdunnaquatic

              I’ll try food wars too. I know anime makes food look immensely good. Also Sunite, remember when you posted that Izuru is still alive? Well Kurosaki Z and I have found out what really happened to him. Kubo released a mini novel called 13 blades and I found an English version of it. Is it okay if I post it in my next comment?


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