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Ultear older

Ultear’s Goodbye! Doranbolt’s Memory Wipe – Fairy Tail 200

Fairy Tail 200 is a slow episode featuring the departure of Ultear from the show as she is now much older, she leaves Jellal and Meredy a very sad message and see’s Gray at one point too. Jellal and Meredy also find out that Doranbolt has successfully been able to memory wipe everyone’s memory’s about the Dragons incident.  Continue reading

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Fairy Tail 392 Gray My Family by Natsuki-oniichan

Gray defeats Silver! Wendy’s Plan – Fairy Tail 392

Fairy Tail 392 shows the sorrow ending to which Gray knew that Silver was not Deliora, this reveals the questions to what he’s doing there and why he did all this, he was defeated using a new technique Gray just revealed. While all this is going on, we get to see Wendy make a plan to return to Warren to which they plan on using his abilities to contact other guilds to help them in their challenge with these Face weapons.  Continue reading

Total defeat of Garou Knights

Garou Knights Defeated! Mirajane’s Determination – Fairy Tail 183

Fairy Tail 183 explains why Fairy Tail are truly strong, from being able to hang on to their wits to fully beating the Garou Knights, or the Executioners, they were passed on through to beat every single one. On top of which Mirajane explains why power is needed to help those that are weak and ruled by another power. They show up and kick some Garou Knight ass.  Continue reading

Sting will win for Sabertooth

Fairy Tail vs Garou Knights – Fairy Tail 180

Fairy Tail 180 meets with the Garou Knights where they’re named to be the Kingdom’s executioners where they take out the enemies of the kingdom, they face Natsu and the others when Wendy is captured by one of the Knights. Natsu and Wendy begin the fight against Cosmos and Kamika but seem to have the lower hand when fighting. We also learn that Lector is alive, he was taken by Minerva’s magic in which she will return to Sting when he wins.  Continue reading

Fairy Tail 378 Wendy I'm sorry by Stingcunha

Face Explodes! Doranbolt Saves Wendy – Fairy Tail 378

Fairy Tail 378 a great chapter by which Wendy and Carla begin to talk as though they’re at the end of their lives, they mention that stopping Face will cause a large explosion to which they won’t escape. However when the agree upon doing such a thing and stopping the countdown and Face, they are quickly saved by Doranbolt who quickly flashes in and out saving both of them.  Continue reading

Im sorry Wendy Face

Wendy defeats Ezel! Countdown to Face – Fairy Tail 377

Fairy Tail 377 begins as Wendy uses her newly found ability of Dragon Force to go hell on Earth as well as kicking Ezel’s ass all over the place. She also uses her power to destroy the Face statue or weapon there however the count down keeps on going, the Cube in which Natsu and others are on vibrates even more after detecting this. What will happen to them now?  Continue reading

Natsu in New Fairy Tail Anime

New Fairy Tail Anime Promo Video

A brand new Fairy Tail Anime promo has been posted online by the Avex folk today. The video features the latest anime arc which is based on the Grand Magic Games, from this Fairy Tail members discovers the hidden truth behind the game as well as how the future will play out. The video also features an opening theme song “Masayume Chasing” (Prophetic Dream Chasing by BoA. Keep reading to watch the video below.  Continue reading

Fairy Tail 374 Natsu Arrives by Designerrenan Header

Natsu vs Franmalth! Wendy Goes to Face – Fairy Tail 374

Fairy Tail 374 carry’s on the invasion as Fairy Tail as a guild gear into action facing one of the Tartarus members when they need to go ahead to deactivate the Face bomb. Wendy manages to escape to the location of the Face bomb. Natsu arrives in time after Lucy and Happy are captured by Aries fluff as Franmalth has absorbed both Aries and Taurus. Keith is interrupted by Gray as he arrives out of nowhere, he begins to mention who Gray is to Silver when we move away from that situation, I still believe they’re father and son.  Continue reading

Natsu is all fired up

Jackal Defeated, Natsu Wins! Afro Happy – Fairy Tail 362

Fairy Tail 362 shows how powerful Fairy Tail really is, from how underestimated they’ve really been by the demons and Tartarus. It’s impressive how Jackal’s transformation was stopped and neutralised within just a few moments. Unfortunately, the village was not harmed and still stays. They haven’t learnt much after Jackal had exploded. Continue reading