Erza’s Mother Eileen! Queen of Dragon – Fairy Tail 513

Fairy Tail 513 see’s the reveal of the fact that Eileen is the mother of Erza, even she was shocked to see her alive after such a long time. Eileen and Erza both fight as they’re from opposite sides, obviously Eileen is the stronger individual here, but what exactly can Erza do here as she’s already quite worn out. On top of which, Eileen reveals that she is the former queen of the dragons.

Fairy Tail 513 begins with Yukino and Minerva getting to Sting and others, it seems that Larcade has been defeated, also Minerva apologizes to Kagura to which Kagura tells her that it’s fine and that she’s already looked passed it. Sorano is asleep, with both Sting and Rogue out of power. It’s all on Fairy Tail now to fight.

Erza fights against Eileen now, she uses multiple techniques but cannot seem to gain an inch against Eileen. Even with Wendy’s enchantment, she cannot do a lot at this point. Erza even uses her Blumentblatt, but cannot even injure Eileen as she mocks her by laying out her swords into a flower shape.

Eileen touches the swords and they quickly disappear. Erza tells her to identify herself, from which Eileen tells her that she is Erza’s mother. Erza is shocked, and begins to talk about her past in Rosemary and how she’s never had any parents, except for the parent who she calls Master, this being Makarov.

Eileen didn’t know herself if she had a daughter or not, rather she had thought that Erza was dead. Erza mentions that if anyone attacks her guild, regardless of who it may be, they are her enemy. Eileen also mentions the same thing here, even if it’s her own child. Eileen begins to talk about secrets of Erza’s birth. Erza quickly silences her as she tries to attack, Eileen reveals her name to be Eileen Belserion, and that she is the former queen of the dragons. Fairy Tail 514 ends here.

A pretty dope chapter, seems like Erza will learn a few things from her mother as well as her own past. Furthermore, we’ll most likely get a few secrets from Erza’s past too. Anyways, Fairy Tail 514 will be titled “The Dragon Seed”, which might explain further onto who exactly Eileen is.

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    IRENE IS ERZA MOTHER???? Yeah that was obvious though, but the QUEEN OF DRAGONS THAT WAS THE REAL TREAT.
    I have to give Hiro credit, he makes something that could be obvious but also comes back with a surprise, like for example:
    When Silver revealed to be Gray’s Dad, most people weren’t too surprise as they already assumed, but then claimed to be Deliora, even though he was lying he played it very convincing.


          1. LPEAST

            That is true, he is very good with concealing future events and foreshadow within words.
            (But all and all, I rather not get into what I expect in Fairy Tails future, you remember I did that with Bleach, so I you can imagine the frustrations I felt, with what we did not see, so I rather not go through all that again. If the series goes the way I expect I will explain, but until then I rather not get into detail.
            So please don’t tell me any thing you hear, like rumors, articles or links about its future, as I like to sit back and read all the way through please)

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    But now I’m wondering, what does she mean by “Queen of the Dragons”, does she was a dragon but turned into a human, or she was a human who tamed dragons. Now I’m wondering who is the father??
    (If it turns out that Erza dad is someway a dragon, that would explain so much, and people would probably get over that “She’s Erza” quote as it really doesn’t hype people up too much)


    1. Sunite

      Could she have some sort of relation with Acnologia? Seems like a no but still a maybe?
      I don’t think Erza has a dragon dad. Maybe a normal dad, but when he died, maybe Eileen went crazy?


      1. LPEAST

        She has no relation to Acnologia before their fight, and Acnologia has no knowledge of her prior, Irene did but she probably heard about him from the legends and Zeref.
        As for the who the “dad” is, you could be right, maybe Irene did went crazy, but all and all I don’t see Erza and Irene fully hating each other forever though, but we need to see her full history.


  3. karp

    this chapter is crazy I can understand if she is Ezra mom BT a dragon queen that is insana I mean first we get from tartarus that end is evil n master of curse bab bab BT up until now end is just a lost weak soul so I don believed Elena being a former dragon queen


  4. Rocco B

    Wouldn’t it be so Mashima to state that Anna Lucy’ mother is the current queen of the dragons. It certainly seemed they were related by blood. But here’s the thing. Eileen looks young for a mother, which indicates to me that she must have concieved Erza when she was young herself. That scar could be their way of c-section?. And Erza was adopted as an infant to Rosemary.


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