Wendy Belserion! Erza Gets Serious – Fairy Tail 517

Fairy Tail 517 once again goes back to being a shit manga with the release of this terrible chapter. Wendy and Erza manage to SOMEHOW derail and nearly kill one of the STRONGEST mage in existence. Wendy uses Eileen’s body to fight back and remove Eileen from her own body. This chapter overall was just bad.

Fairy Tail 517 begins as Eileen has taken over Wendy’s body, she analyses her body seeing that her leg is damaged along with numerous bruises. Although she is still able to move in Wendy’s body. Eileen even teases Wendy’s breasts, which is the first thing to reduce the impact of this stupid chapter. Eileen’s body collapses as Wendy’s conscious disappears.

Erza tries to attack but Eileen just strikes her down. She uses her magic to attack Erza. Seems like her own powers haven’t dropped s much as she anticipated. Eileen mentions that for her in the little body to have a daughter would be something very wrong. Eileen then begins to use the Sky Dragon Slayer magic and attacks Erza.

She now calls herself Wendy Belserion. As Erza tries to climb up and attack Eileen, Erza remembers all the times Erza and Wendy have worked together, from the very first moment to the each time she has protected her. Erza takes the hit as Eileen calls Erza too soft. Eileen then enchants and causes Erza’s armor to explode but it doesn’t do any damage.

Next up, (all predicted) somehow Wendy takes over Eileen body as she had saved Erza from any damage. Eileen finds it impossible that Wendy was able to take over her own body. The second joke of this chapter arrives when Wendy herself calls her boobs to be too big, why would you even need to add this in at such a important moment in the fight.

Wendy begins to power up, calling Eileens power amazing, then throws an attack towards Eileen. Eileen tries to stop it but cannot as Wendy is already enchanting that they both separate from their current bodies and swap once more. They begin to swap when Eileen begins to hurt herself in order to prevent Wendy from switching.

However, Wendy just mentions the fact that she is able to get scars means that she is still alive. In that body, she has shared countless memories with others. They swap as Erza also switches out her armour. Wendy has returned as she mentions that she is leaving the rest to her. Erza gets serious as Eileen is angry that she was capable of doing this. Fairy Tail 517 ends here.

Although Eileen has not been defeated, it seems as though the fight has already finished, it feels like Eileen has already lost. With the hype of last week’s chapter, this chapter goes right in the trash for me. Anyways, what do you guys think? Go ahead and comment down below telling us what you think about it as we wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 518, titled “Master Enchantment”, hope it’s actually good.

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    It’s not the bad for me, at least it was better than having Wendy still within her body with Irene and fighting over it.

    And I found those scenes were Irene and Wendy talking about their new chest sizes funny. (It was at least more nesscary than the Natsu and Lucy scenes we’ve had for a while)

    And was hoping for a reasonable reason ( in Hiros terms I guess) for Erza to defeat Irene and having Wendy uses much her magic depleting her of energy is fine with me.
    I can say at least Erza would not have been able to defeat Irene without Wendy

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    1. Sunite

      The chapter would have been better without these moments. I honestly think that the series could be 10 times better if he completely removd all of these ecchi moments. It would be so much better, at least from my point of view.
      I think Hiro is going over board by adding these moments in critical places where there shouldn’t be. But I understand that it could be funny and might add some comedic value to the chapter.


  2. dreager1

    Yeah, a lot of plot hax here for sure. There’s no real way that Eileen should have lost like that and even the plan was no good either. The fanservice continues to keep this series in the gutter as well. It’s a shame since the early volumes of Fairy Tail weren’t half bad.

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