So I caught up with One Piece, here are my thoughts

One Piece, considered as one of the big three anime’s alongside Naruto and Bleach, well when they were still in production. When I began this blog, I was told by many that One Piece is a great anime, and that it could ever trump Naruto and Bleach. Well, I’ve caught up with the anime, and began reading the manga where the anime had reached. Lets talk about my thoughts and experiences.

One Piece Straw Hats

I’ve been watching One Piece for a very long time now, I’ve been trying to catch up with over 750 episodes that it has. I’m glad to finally catch up after over a year of slowly catching up by watch episodes here and there. To be frank, whenever I found time, I always wiped out my tablet and watch some One Piece episodes, at times even batch watching episodes because the arc was just too good to pass, e.g. Luffy vs Doflamingo.

Lets talk a little about why One Piece just works. I personally wouldn’t say I am an expert with anime as I’ve not watched that many, compared to a lot of hardcore anime fans, but One Piece seems to have worked out a recipe which keeps its watchers relatively happy. Oda usually splits the Straw Hats into separate groups to cover and discover what they’ll face soon. For example, Zoro always gets lost but somehow managed to work it out and rejoin the group, this also being the same with Luffy.

Furthermore, the chemistry and dialogue each character has developed is just fantastic, they have their own personality and it somehow just works. Luffy just wants to become the King of the Pirates and find the One Piece, while he is the Straw Hats’ captain, he doesn’t pressure the crew to do anything they don’t want, rather he just depends on them on where they should go next, e.g. with Nami.

With 9 members in the crew, they all also seem to get good face time during the anime. Furthermore, it’s hard to describe but the fact that the crew have somehow managed to make alliances and friends all over the place, just justifies that Luffy is truly going to become the King of the Pirates.

Lets move on to the latest arc. Luffy manages to defeat Doflamingo using his Gear Four which annihilates and saves everyone in Dressrosa. Then we move to Zou when we find out that the year of Sanji starts as his marriage has been setup with one of Big Mom’s daughters, Charlotte Pudding. Well, Sanji if forcefully made to go due to the political implications behind Big Mom’s family, Charlotte, marrying one of Vinsmokes’ prince, Sanji.

While this anime carries on, I’m getting more and more hyped to see Kaido and Big Mom appear, along with Shanks on Luffy’s side. It’ll be fantastic, especially since they’re huge name within the pirate world. I should also mention that I’ve managed to read around 20 chapters, from episode 770, and have around 30 or so more to go till I’m also all caught up with the manga.

However, I feel like if I manage to read all the manga, I won’t have anything more to wait for, so what I’ve decided to do is to stop reading the manga (for now) and just stick to the anime. I know I’ll be tempted to read ahead since it seems like one chapter is one episode.

I also mentioned a while ago that I would begin writing about OP once I am all caught up, but stuff like work and having little to no time to blog has restricted me from writing longer posts such as these (it’s a weekend and I got time to write). I will see about posting more One Piece stuff such as fan art, cosplay and news in the near future. Covering episodes and manga will be a lot harder on me to be honest, so I’ll have to see how it goes.

Nevertheless, with that mentioned, what do you guy think? OP is awesome, no doubt and I’m glad I have caught up with the manga. Tell me what you think about the anime in the comment section below.

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  1. sepultura13

    I’m a fairly hardcore anime fan, but I just don’t get One Piece…I don’t see its appeal, tbh. Same with Cowboy Bebop. The popularity of those two are beyond my comprehension – I would venture to guess that I’m not the target audience!


          1. sepultura13

            Bleach, Attack on Titan, Deathnote, Ghost in the Shell (and Standalone Complex), Deadman Wonderland, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Sword Art Online, Casshern Sins, and Parasyte: The Maxim – just to name a few. There are others…plenty of others!

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              1. sepultura13

                Not at all – I like watching the actual sport, so games or animes about them might be a tad boring, I think. If you’re their target audience, then I probably wouldn’t get much out of them.


                1. Sunite

                  Ah right, if you ever find yourself bored and have nothing to watch, give Haikyuu and Kurokos Basketball a chance, might surprise you. And same here, watching/playing tennis all day if I could, not in this winter tho hah

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  2. Eileen X.

    I personally think I couldn’t sit through One Piece. It’s way too long! I don’t think I have the patience. I’m watching Naruto right now, and that is already past my limit. I tend to ruin the ending for myself by searching things up if the anime series is super long (I know, bad habit). I’ve heard so many good things about OP, though, but don’t see it in my future, haha.


    1. supergirlxxx

      same with me buddy. I totally understand how you feel. I also don’t like these ‘too long’ anime. I think those anime are just not made for me. Don’t know how other people are able to watch these ‘too long’ anime. For me it is too difficult.

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      1. Eileen X.

        Sometimes I like long anime just so it occupies me for a while, like Naruto. And you get attached to the characters which I really like. But the ones that are too long are almost painful to watch and I tend to get really impatient, haha.


  3. dreager1

    I definitely enjoy One Piece as well, but I’ve never been able to get into it the same way that everyone else has. I liked it a lot before the New World, but it went downhill after that with Brook sticking around and more fanservice being added in. I felt like the characters also lost their personalities to an extent, but it’s still fun. I recently saw One Piece Gold in theaters and it was also a solid film. Catching up with One Piece is certainly an accomplishment and I can understand your logic for sticking with the anime. It can be a little tough to see the exact same events twice.


      1. dreager1

        I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve heard that One Piece Film Z is the definitive one to watch. I plan to buy it at some point as well. My favorite would have to be Film:Gold at the moment although it’s the only one that I’ve seen. It was pretty fun and captures the essence of the series

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