Master Enchant! Eileen’s Dragon Form – Fairy Tail 518

Fairy Tail 518 goes back to becoming a little more series as Eileen is forced to enter her Dragon Form to fight against Erza, while also summoning a large meteor which forces Erza to attack while some of her bones are broken. Also Eileen herself realises and asks what her out daughter is even doing.

Fairy Tail 518 begins as the battle begins between Eileen vs Erza. Eileen starts by causing an explosion at Erza’s location, Erza jumps up which is then attacked by more light type attacks. Eileen mentions that she has been protecting her for 400 years, she is not useful when she was born, and that she intends to interfere with her happiness.

Erza understands her misery but she cannot lose, she attacks Eileen from up high. Eileen begins to get more and more angry after hearing that Erza might be looking down on her. Erza explains that she has also faced trouble in the past, especially within the cult. But now she keeps those precious to her close.

Her painful moment were overcome because she has friends, Eileen gets pissed off and just goes crazy as she begins transforming into a dragon. Eileen strikes Erza which breaks Erza’s bones as she lands on the ground. Eileen also further amplifies her enchantment calling it the Master Enchant. She freezes Erza on the ground when she calls up a meteor from the sky.

She calls it the Deus Sema, which is really large, closer it gets the more its noticeable, everyone around the village and other places notice it too. Erza mentions that she has no choice as she will has control over her right hand. She launches herself upwards as she transforms and calls upon a sword, she mentions that when everyone called her Titania, she didn’t have much use for the name.

But as Eileen is the queen of the dragons, Erza doesn’t mind being the Queen of the Fairies. A queen who shall protect everyone! Erza launches herself towards the meteor as she asks the master to lend her some power! Erza goes on with full force, all while Eileen watches and thinks about what her daughter is doing. Fairy Tail 518 ends here.

A pretty good chapter if you ask me, seems like Erza will either slice the rock, or Eileen will somehow realise that it’s her daughter and she must protect her, and take the hit herself. Calling Eileen defeated after that. Anyways, next week’s Fairy Tail 519 will be titled “Show Me Your Smile” which seems a little predictable.

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    First of all, I’m glad the chapter didn’t got the way I thought it would, where Erza would get angry and beat Irene, but Irene anger overpowers hers.
    And I think we all say that Irene is physically more powerful than Erza, even in her current form she took all those slashes and only came out with scratches. And broke her bones with one swipe in her dragon form.

    Now, I’m sure Erza will destroy the meteorite, (with Makrov power) but I doubt she will defeat Irene after that, hopefully Irene will notice how her daughter was once a lot like her, and bring out some motherly love deep down within her.

    All and All I’m glad how this chapter was.

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    1. Sunite

      Agreed, but I think Erza called for Masters power, referring to Mavis, but maybe Makarov. But I think Erza won’t be able to destroy the meteor, thus Eileen’s maternal instinct will kick in and cover the damage and be defeated. I’m calling it here and now on it might happen like that lol

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