The Straw Hat Avengers – One Piece

Imagine a world full of heroes, these heroes call themselves the Straw Hats who go from place to place as they get closer to the One Piece. This fantastic crossover see’s the avengers and the Straw Hats as one within their respective roles, such as Chopper as the Hult and Franky as Iron Man himself.


Can you manage to name all of these character? If so be sure to comment down below telling me who’s who. This fantastic piece of crossover artwork between One Piece and the Avengers was done by AndiMoo. If you like this, they actually have another one crossover with the same concept. Be sure to check them out otherwise go ahead and this page with other fans of One Piece and Avengers.

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  1. nickdunnaquatic

    This artwork is very well done. I’m so glad I got convinced by my friends to watch One Piece. It’s a very good anime with likable characters, epic battles, and awesome soundtracks. I can now see why One Piece is one the most successful a manga in the world. Wold


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