Soku’s Betrayal! Land Of Silence – Naruto Shippuden 490

Naruto Shippuden 490 see’s Soku betray both Shikamaru and Ro as they try to invade the Land of Silence. They try their first plan but doesn’t work thus just go to the nearby tavern to get some info, they meet Komori who protects them for a bit but reveals to be someone from Tobari. Soku has to betray Shikamaru and Ro until it’s revealed that it was the plan all along.

Naruto Shippuden 490 begins as someone tries to get Sai to turn over to his side by playing mind games. It comes to a point where Sai looks upon his old self. Shikamaru and others look upon a bar and the entrance to the Tobari village. There is someone looking upon them. Shikamaru tries to give them a  speech but its not very convincing.

Soku notices two guys chasing them, the first is hit, the second destroys their only way of getting in. They go back to square one by asking the bartender. He is of no help as Shikamaru plays with someone who is looking for assistant, he has some passage to the Tobari village, but Soku nearly kills the guy after he speaks of how worthless Shinobi’s are.

Shikamaru has to talk to Soku privately, it seems like Soku is having some feelings about getting out the village, which is a very big crime in the village. The bar is faced with members of the Tobari village who are searching for them. However, a kid helps them out, Komori. He tells them that someone is nearby when a rat appears. Afterwards, at the back, Soku fights with Shikamaru and Ro who try to ask if she is going to run away from the Leaf.

But she doesn’t seem like she will. Later on, Komori talks to Soku who helps her in making her mind up about leaving the village. Even after, they both hear that Shikamaru and Ro will both have to chase her down in order to silence her. She decides here and now that she will go. Komori helps her out by telling her about a safe route to the village.

Shikamaru and Ro both face Komori to force him to spill anything about Soku and where she might have gone. Soku reaches Tobari and notices that there are men there, they fight her but she easily wins. It seems like they suspect Soku of also doing the same to their other comrades who died previously.

Komori appears as he vouches for her as she split from her group. Shikamaru and Ro appear, its her time to prove that she has defected. They fight, Shikamaru is about to get her but Ro stops Shikamaru, it seems like he’s also betrayed him. Soku kills Shikamaru and Ro with her abilities. Both are dead as it seems like she’s completed her task.

She enters the village and sends Komori to sleep, later at night both Shikamaru and Ro wake up as it seems like they figure out that Komori was a kid who knew a lot, he already could sense chakra. And it seems like they’ve been working with Soku all along. They enter the village after Soku leaves a door open. Naruto Shippuden 490 ends here.

A pretty good episode if you ask me, I could see all of this happening since it was quite predictable, but I guess the arc still holds a few more things in it. Next week’s Naruto Shippuden 491, titled “Recklessness” see’s Genjo as well as what is truly happening in the village.

What do you think?

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