Naruto and Bee vs Itachi and Nagato – Naruto Shippuden 298

Naruto with Crow Shisui Uchiha's Eye Ningendo Nagato on Naruto Itachi vs Naruto Shisui Uchiha Lariat and Gakido Nagato Bee Bee's Sword Strike Amaterasu on Nagato Naruto's Rasen Shuriken against Nagato's Summoning Bee's Sword Technique Stance Itachi's Shuriken Fire against BeeNaruto Shippuden 298 once again proves why Itachi is such a bad ass! Naruto and Killer Bee against Itachi and Nagato! They all meet, unfortunately Itachi and Nagato are being controlled by Kabuto. However, using Shisui Uchiha’s Eyes, Itachi is fully able to escape Kabuto’s grasp and able to do as he wishes. Unfortunately, Kabuto still has control of Nagato which he uses in order to fight Naruto and Bee!

Naruto Shippuden 298 begins with Nagato and Itachi walking a head, still being controlled by Kabuto. They notice something unusual as they may be fighting someone soon. Naruto and Killer Bee approach them, Naruto is surprised by them as they’ve fought before.

Itachi and Nagato mentions that Naruto’s changed a bit, Naruto tells them that he’s currently controlling Kurama’s Chakra, he calls that form his Chakra Mode, Nagato mentions that it’s not the only thing that has changed, it’s also his face, he’s a lot more confident and has a lot more power to which he can use. Itachi is surprised that Naruto is able to command Kurama’s Chakra.

Nagato then mentions that they were both students by the same teacher, and that he’s not surprised that he’s progressed so much. Bee mentions that he’s also his teacher and that he’s helped him enable his Chakra Mode. He thanks all of them for being there. Kabuto notices that he’s already found Naruto and Bee way before Tobi!

Kabuto enables the fighting style within both Nagato and Itachi, which makes Itachi quickly launch Fireball Jutsu! Bee stops this using his Samehada! Itachi notices that since Bee has the sword, Kisame may have been killed. Itachi quickly attacks from the top, as Naruto blocks, they keep on talking, Itachi asks how Sasuke is.

Naruto tells him that he’s still on the wrong side, he’s joined the Akatsuki and wants to destroy the village. Naruto also mentions that he’s found out about his top-secret mission, Nagato is surprised to know that Itachi had eliminated most of the Uchiha except for Sasuke in order to save the Konoha!

Instead of Sasuke following through Itachi’s wishes, he’s going to try to destroy the village. This is his way of resolving his pain by destroying the village which they caused on his beloved older brother. Itachi isn’t surprised to know that Tobi knew the truth about him. Itachi asks if anyone else knows about this, Naruto mentions that only Yamato and Kakashi who were there too. Itachi tells Naruto to not tell anyone else.

Nagato is controlled, he uses his forces to pull Naruto as well as a large rock together  At near contact, Naruto uses his Chakra Mode to help him escape from the crash with the rock! Itachi mentions that it was the right thing to do to entrust Naruto with dealing with Sasuke. Unfortunately, Nagato then summons a large dog like creature with two heads, and a large bird.

Naruto is faced with dealing with Nagato while Itachi deals with Killer Bee. Itachi appears behind Bee, he uses his Samehada but misses Itachi. Itachi uses his Shuriken mixed with Fire. Bee quickly uses his hand while it’s transformed into Eight Tails hand to stop them.

When Itachi touches the floor, Killer Bee’s tentacle appears and grabs Itachi to which it restrains him. Naruto keeps on attacking the Dog like animal, unfortunately, Naruto finds out that every time he attacks the animal it gains a head. Bee approaches Itachi, unfortunately for Bee, he’s gotten goes under Itachi’s genjutsu, his Tailed Beast wakes him up. Samehada helps him out by giving him his sword to which he uses to block the attacks.

Bee uses his sword in order to attack and restrains Itachi, at one point he launches his sword up high, and it tries to cut Itachi. At this moment, Naruto tries to use his Rasen Shuriken but unfortunately doesn’t work as it just creates more heads. Nagato tells Naruto to attack him instead. At the same time, Itachi approaches Nagato and gets ready to enable his Mangekyou Sharingan to which it seems like he’s going to use his Amaterasu! Naruto warns Bee not to get hit by that attack.

Itachi enables it and the weirdest thing happens next, from nowhere appears a crow with a Mangekyou Sharingan already enabled on the crow! It comes out of Naruto’s mouth! It appears out and Nagato is surprised that he used such a technique! Naruto remembers a moment in the past where he was given a crow by Itachi, this was at the time when they were going to save Gaara.

Itachi enables a jutsu, it seems like it’s Amaterasu, Bee tries to send one of his swords but doesn’t work as it’s pushed away by Nagato. Itachi enables the jutsu and somehow it interacts with the Eye which has been implanted into the crow. Kabuto is shocked to see what’s happened. The crow returns to Naruto.

Somehow Itachi uses Amaterasu on the dog like creature in which he stands, it starts burning the creature, Itachi also uses on the bird in which he stand, it also gets a hit on Nagato. He falls down to earth and start to burn. The bird he was standing on is also destroyed just like the dog in which he summoned.

Itachi approaches Naruto and tells him that he’s used a genjutsu to null the Edo Tensei. He prepared that crow in order to respond to his Mangekyou Sharingan for times like these. Kabuto also figures out that the eye on the crow can only be Shisui Uchiha’s! Who’s been described the strongest Uchiha which can control people’s mind without them even knowing it. He had the strongest Mangekyou Sharingan, the Koto Amatsukami!

Using that, he was able to restore his old self. He programmed the genjutsu to protect the Leaf into Shisui’s eye to which he put into the crow’s left eye. He never realized that he would have to be used it on himself someday. Naruto asks why he had the eye and why did he give it to Naruto. He answers that Shisui gave it to Itachi because he knew many people would have wanted the eye for themselves. He gave it to Naruto because he was trusted, plus he wanted to use it on Sasuke if ever he wanted to get Itachi’s Eyes and develop his Mangekyou Sharingan, the crow would have helped him to realize that what he’s doing would have been a bad thing.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go according to plan. Naruto thanks Itachi for trusting him, he doesn’t have to worry anymore because he’s going to try and take care of everything, especially Sasuke! Itachi mentions that Sasuke is lucky to have a friend like him. Kabuto is happy to know that Shisui’s also there with them. He uses Nagato’s almighty push to take all the Amaterasu flames off him. He starts to repair, he’s also turned bad and now fully controlled by Kabuto.

He disappears and first uses his Almighty Push to push everyone away! Then faces Bee who turns himself into his Bijuu Form with red and black, he uses his Lariat on Nagato, however Nagato uses his Gakido which sucks Chakra from Bee, it seems like ti’s also restored his Red Hair as well as a lot of his chakra. He then Pushes Bee then get Naruto in his Ningendo which starts to suck Naruto’s Life Force when Naruto Shippuden 298 ends.

A great episode plus a lot has been revealed, It seems like Itachi may again have to help them out since Nagato is an impressive opponent. During next week’s Naruto Shippuden 299, titled “The Acknowledge One”, when we see Itachi help them using his Susanoo, as well as see a lot of Bijuu Dama action from Bee. Nagato may try to create a small planet again!

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