Future Lucy is Real or Fake?! – Rogue’s Shadow – Fairy Tail 317

fairy_tail_317___thank_you___by_gia_secando92-d5tgdr3 fairy_tail_317___rogue_shadow_by_toroi_san-d5tgd4u fairy_tail_317___gajeel_redfox_by_darkangels2-d5ttvp7 ft_317__the_power_of_their_bond_by_nekorikachan-d5tlc4k fairy_tail_317_by_anafigreen-d5tgmccNatsu Thanks Future Lucy Fairy Tail Fights to Win Rogue thinking about Fairy Tail and friends Rogue's Shadow to lend him power Rogue What am I fighting forFairy Tail 317 goes onto describing what really happens, as well as when Future Lucy actually comes. Everyone has their doubts, especially Jellal who suggests that it may be fake. Rogue is shown that pissing Gajeel off is not a good idea as he completely pushes Rogue to the edge, he goes to describe that Gajeel had joined because he gained friends in Fairy Tail. Rogue nearly gives up when his mysterious shadow starts talking to him, mentioning that he’ll give him power to kill Gajeel!

Fairy Tail 317 carry’s on from last week’s chapter as Natsu and the others are told that 10,000 Dragons will come for them. Hisui mentions to Datong that it’s hard to believe such a thing. She won’t believe it until the results of the Games. Natsu is shouts asking whats going on!

Wendy mentions that it could have been connected to something such as the grave yard full of Dragons. Everyone starts to believe such a thing, Natsu starts to get prepared, Future Lucy is shocked that they all believe her. Natsu asks if what she mentioned is a lie, she mentions that it’s not, she just wonders if they would ever believe something like this.

Natsu tells her that why would they even doubt Lucy’s words? The current Lucy tells Future Lucy not to be so miserable, she should trust her friends, Future Lucy funnily mentions that she’s just lecturing herself. Carla seems to have connected everything! She also hears Lucy screaming, as well as crying, but why would she do such a thing.

Carla asked when the Dragon’s arrived, what had happened to the castle, Future Lucy puts her head down, she doesn’t want to mention it, but Natsu and the others quickly realize that they die. Yukino is unhappy that she had brought them here, it’s so unfortunate. When Future Lucy woke up, she didn’t know how many days had passed.

She remembers about the Eclipse, she didn’t know how to activate it, somehow she managed to open the gate, she believe that maybe it could lead her to help them. Future Lucy goes on to mention that she had arrived on the 4th of July X793. Leo asks if the 4th wasn’t just a few days ago. Mirajane asks if she couldn’t travel earlier than that, Lucy tells her that some of the parts were broken so she couldn’t do much.

Arcadios listens while he’s still trying to recover, he reminds of himself that Future Lucy was the person who advised Hisui to change the plan. Future Lucy also mentions that she wants them to meet with Jellal and the others using the underground passages, she had told him everything as she wanted him to think of a strategy. She says sorry because she didn’t have a plan when she came back.

Arcadios remembers the past when she talks with Hisui, she mentions that there is another way of using the Eclipse, which is Eclipse 2. For the past 7 years, it’s stored up magic to which it can be compared with Etherion. Arcadios is shocked that it can be used to destroy city’s. Hisui mentions that they can use this against the dragons, that is Eclipse 2!

Arcadios quickly detects that Future Lucy has already lied once, he figures out that she didn’t come back on the 4th! Future Lucy is helpless as she’s unable to do much, so far she’s been wandering around the town. Natsu tells her that they’ll do something about it. He holds her head and bumps his against hers, he thanks her for coming from the future. He mentions that he’ll definitely change it.

Ultear mentions that they don’t know if what Lucy said is true or false. Meredy asks if what Lucy said could be real or fake. They analyze this mentioning 10,000 Dragons, Eclipse, Magic, to Jellal it doesn’t seem to sound right, either what Lucy said is False, or Lucy herself is a fake!

At Gajeel and Rogue’s fight, Gajeel pushes Rogue to say what he previously said again. Rogue is exhausted, he mentions that he thinks that he’s understanding why he joined Fairy Tail. It makes sense that Gajeel doesn’t remember Rogue as he was just a kid who admired Phantom Lord, he also wanted to join when he grew up.

But then Phantom Lord broke up after losing to Fairy Tail, and what’s more, Gajeel joined Fairy Tail. He couldn’t believe why Gajeel would join the guild that destroyed Phantom Lord. He asks himself that there had to be a reason why he stayed in Fairy Tail, he now knows that reason, he mentions Friends. Sabertooth doesn’t have this concept, they have nothing more than just orders and being victorious.

Rogue then goes to ask himself what he’s really fighting for. He also understand why he’s strong, why he can’t win against him. Gajeel asks him to stand up, he tells him that he hasn’t understood a thing, he smiles and mentions the frog, then asks him if he’s Rogue’s friend. Rogue tells Gajeel that Frosch is a cat, he smiles and agrees that they are friends.

Out of nowhere, something happens to Rogue, someone calls out his name, he turns around and then mentions that his enemy is in front of him, Gajeel is shocked at whats going on. Rogue asks who’s saying his name, and where they are. They mention for Rogue to kill Gajeel. The person reveals themselves as being Rogue’s Shadow! It mentions that it will lend Rogue power in order to kill Gajeel! Fairy Tail 317 ends here!

What a crazy episode, it’s all starting to connect but why would Future Lucy even lie to them, could what she said be true, or could it actually be false? Could Future Lucy even by the real or could she be someone is disguise! Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 318, titled “Gajeel vs Rogue” when we finally see both of them go on a head to head match, we’ll finally see who’ll win! Can’t wait to see how awesome and great it’ll be!

There are 5 comments

    1. Kisuke Urahara

      well I don’t think that Arcadios guy would lie,I mean he was apart of the Eclipse project thing right?and Jellal is a smarty so I guess he can see through lies and stuff……..I’m more thrilled to see Rouge’s past and true magic abilities……..I always felt like he was missing something…….I mean he is the SHADOW dragon so there must be some drama behind him…….he said that Sting had “awakened” his powers so I wonder what that meant and maybe in the next chapter,he will “awaken” too


  1. anime lover

    thanks for d summary.. somehow, i understand ur explanation better than when i read the manga myself..n d anime stopped at 175 for now.. well.. cant wait for 138.. ><)


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