Eileen’s True Form! Real Family – Fairy Tail 515

Fairy Tail 515 see’s Eileen story and what she ended up doing with the baby that is Erza. Eileen eventually turned into a dragon and gained some help by Zeref when she turned back to human, which was only temporary and only for visual effect. Erza thanks Eileen for the birth and that she was left at Rosemary, to which she then met her true family.

Fairy Tail 515 begins by mentioning that her father was a general from a neighboring country, they were married for political reasons to help out the disputes of territories. They both marched onto battle together multiple times, even during the dragon wars, he helped out Belserion, but when Acnologia appeared, there was no winners or losers.

A week after, she began to change more and more, to which the husband clearly didn’t see Eileen, but she saw a monster with a child within her. She was put into jail, tortured, beaten, humiliated. The husband appeared with news of her execution date. He tries to kill the baby within Eileen but faces the wrath of Eileen.

Eileen grows wings and turns into a dragon, she crushes her husband and grows larger, she destroys everything and flies away. She tells herself that she is still a dragon, but after a few hundred years, Zeref appears and helps her out by changing her back, even if its only in appearance. She is happy about this, but whatever she ate, there was no taste, she was not able to sleep either.

She tells herself that she is a human, however she realises that for her to get a new and human body, for real, she can enchant herself into the unborn baby within her. However, this did not become a thing because of the fact that it was all a failure. She lost all interest in Erza and threw her away like garbage.

Erza thanks Eileen for bringing her into this world, one more thing she is equally grateful for is the fact that she threw her away. Thanks to this, she was able to meet her true family, this being Fairy Tail. This allowed her to become who she is today. Fairy Tail 515 ends here.

A pretty good episode, it’s seems like Hiro has gotten back some legit seriousness within this chapter, I’m happy that he has because I’d hate for him to include crap when it comes to Erza’s back story. Nevertheless, Fairy Tail 516, titled “The Truth of Enchantment”, lets see what it brings.

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    This chapter was heavy, I enjoyed watching Irene history, I completely misunderstood Irene and the reason why she is heartless are completely just. Before I thought she was always an bitch, she abandoned Erza in pursuit of becoming a powerful witch or something giving her vain personality.
    Its nice to see she was once a kind an selfless person like Erza, but her husband treated cruelly and her people turned against her, she also lost senses as well to feel, so its no wonder she turned the heartless woman she is today.
    I love villains who have good reasons for being twisted and cruel, because we get to see there is more to them and sympathizes with them.

    (This also brings up the question on Acnologia, as I’m sure their is a hidden truth behind his story, like with Zeref on how you first heard about him but later it turns out the rumors about his legend were all folklore by fanatics)

    You know this might explain Erza victory of Kyouka, how she was still able to fight when all her senses where gone. I thought it was Hiro being un-creative with that “Shes Erza” crap. But giving that her mother was unable to feel any senses there be an actual reason behind it.

    Also I’m glad to see Hiro allowed Wendy to fight beside her, because in “Hiro’s Written Language”, this is his way of saying Irene is not someone Erza can beat alone.


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