Natsu Destroys Bluenote! Wendy Joins Natsu – Fairy Tail 423

Fairy Tail 423 see’s Natsu and Bluenote Stinger going up against each other, Natsu doesn’t even get warmed up when he shouts at Bluenote with his flames which incinerate Bluenote to defeat. Wendy and Chelia will always be friends, she decides to go with Natsu with their next stop being Rainfell where it rains endlessly with Juvia there, she seems upset.

Fairy Tail 423 begins as Natsu holds onto Chelia telling her off, then Carla tells him that now is not the time, Wendy points out to him that they’re facing Bluenote, the person who made them suffer on the Tenrou Island. Natsu doesn’t seem to recognise him, Bluenote recognises Natsu as the person who is a weakling.

Bluenote raises his gravity and increases it to a point where members of his guild are affected. Bluenote notices that he is dangerous, he goes towards him and crushes them down, however Natsu uses his flames to lift the ground a little. Natsu shouts that Fairy Tail cannot be crushed, to which Bluenote notices that Natsu and Gildarts are similar.

Natsu shouts at him telling him that he should be environmentally friendly and roars upon him to which Bluenote doesn’t even notice as he’s quickly incinerated by the hands of Natsu. Carla notices that he has just one shot him, Wendy doesn’t understand how strong he’s gotten.

Natsu tries to shout at Chelia for stealing Happy, the others have quickly surrounded. Everyone thanks Lucy and the others for helping out, Wendy and Chelia are both talking as Chelia decides that she should go with Natsu and rejoin Fairy Tail. Chelia tells her that they are and will always be friends.

They begin to cry and what not as they decide to depart, Chelia tells Lyon that she’s happy that she has left and gone to remake Fairy Tail, she is very happy for her. Next up, Lucy decides to go a village where it doesn’t stop raining, Rainfell Village, where we see a terribly sad Juvia as it seems that she has somehow returned to her old self! Fairy Tail 423 ends here.

A great chapter, Natsu seems to have gotten amazingly strong and good to see the main group returning together once more. On top of which, it seems that something drastic has truly happened with Juvia and Gray. They were meant to train and be together but what’s happened here, we’ll find out in next week’s Fairy Tail 424, titled “Avatar”.

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  1. Rise

    People are mad that natsu one shoted bluenote which makes sense for those people to be mad, but they also have to see the point that this chapter is suppose to display how much stronger natsu has gotten, and we dont know what natsu did for his 1 year training that made him this strong, so we cant really assume anything yet


    1. Sunite

      Yeah exactly, I think this whole thing about attacking Lamia was just a reason to show that Natsu can just one shot people. From the start I knew something like this would happen, it’s just a way to build up the hype that Natsu hasn’t been wasting time etc. I think the others have also gotten stronger too. I can assume that a lot has happened in this year then we think, there has been a lot of crazy stuff that’ll we’ll learn about sooner or later. I bet Gray has somehow left Juvia and has turned into some kind of monsters who is hunting Zeref instead of spending his time with Juvia. Poor girl!


      1. grayfullbuster622

        Havent Really Replied Much on dailyanime Art so yeah what i think about this chapter i think Natsu one-shotting bluenote wasnt really that surprising its just to Show how much natsu hasnt been messing around and actually training But I’m Hoping Gray is matched up to His standards like they have equal power if not then i’d hate to say natsu’s getting to much credit……..But everyone should’ve gotten strong in a year thats all i have to go on about about natsu.

        Now what i really wanted to cover over this chapter was the ending I was wondering why juvia was Crying it came clear to me there could have been a number of things that could’ve happened between them One of them is gray probably got caught up in killing E.N.D and told juvia he didnt need her along with him cause she’d just drag him down……Now as cold as it sounds we can tell Gray Just doesnt want juvia near him he wants to probably train On his own to get stronger………or he could’ve lost control of his power remember gray has his Etherios Form he Got From His father the devil slaying power We saw this a few chapters back after he Guarded natsu from Mard geers Attack We all saw it was a direct Hit to gray but maybe gray has that Demon form he could’ve lost control of it and went off somewhere god knows what he’s doing I’m very anxious to find out why the next chapters called Avatar…..And what Will we exactly find out About how Gray turned out in a year *as you can see I’m a Gray fanboy obviously so Grays my number 1 Now natsu Not so much there are Just some reasons Why i Dont like Natsu…….Also another thing to cover i really loved Wendy and chelias Bond at the end of this chapter It was very heart warming its like they’re sisters that dont want to part ways……All of These things happened in this chapter i’m just to excited to find out what’ll happen next The main thing i want to know is where is Gray and why did he leave juvia where is he We’ll eventually find this out next Chapter!!! For those who want to reply to my message plz do i want to see your thoughts of what you think of my theories And i’d very much like to Go over it with you till next time ^-^ Grayfullbuster over and out !


    1. grayfullbuster622

      Supposedly he wants to Destroy E.N.D Because His father entrusted Him with that will before he died thats why he’s so obsessed in Killing E.N.D.


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