Bringer of Doom – Yhwach (Juha Bach)

Yhwach, or Juha Bach, is currently known to be one of the few strongest characters in Bleach, able to battle the strongest of shinigami’s and become one to rule them all. Now the artist tags Yhwach the one who brings doom, which is quite accurate since he’s now trying to bring death to Soul Society as well as other known worlds.

Bleach Juha Bach Yhwach by ifragmentix

Enjoy this fantastic image of Yhwach as we see a close up his face, not quite his special eyes. Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic piece of artwork by IFrAgMenTIx who is a favourite of mine as they have a large amount of some really great Bleach art! Check their work out, as well as share this page elsewhere.

There are 2 comments

  1. Nick Dunn

    Yhwach is my favorite antagonist in any anime. He is my opinion of the perfect villain. I don’t believe he was evil when he was younger. He went through something that made him this way.


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