Meet Kemokemo! Mysterious Island – Fairy Tail 223

Fairy Tail 223 follows Kemokemo, a strange creature with a lot of power, whereby Natsu goes from guild to guild in an exchange program. They go from one to the other as they destroy things, they discover a mysterious island being found when Lahar tells Sabertooth and Fairy Tail members to go and investigate.

Fairy Tail 223 begins with Natsu, Lucy and Happy looking for a an aligator who has some scales, they get the job done and are happy. However, an egg falls on Natsu’s face which he knows he needs to keep warm. After over a week, Natsu and Happy are tired as they’re found by Lucy and others to be in bad shape.

They notice something bad and try to figure what it is, they discover that the egg has cracked, they meet a strange create. The creature speaks to iself, Natsu names him Kemokemo, adding them to their family with Happy. Makarov doesn’t know what it is, and tells him that he could be a demon of some kind.

They recieve a message from the council, about an exchange program. Natsu applies for it with Erza and others. They all go to Blue Pegasus where they face a restaurant where they dress well, they serve drinks and all sorts of things. Kemokemo somehow gets and angry and blows something up. They have to move onto the next guild.

Lamia Scale is next, they try and figure out from ancient text however Gray and Lyon fight and just destroy everything. They move onto Mermaid Heel where they mess up and have to go to the next, the same happens with Quatro Puppy/Cerberus. Kemokemo destroy the build they’re in.

They go to Sabertooth next, they meet Sting where they quickly notice an island where it had just mysteriously appeared. It seems that it could be related to Kemokemo somehow, Wendy appears to help Natsu as Lahar mentions that Sabertooth and Fairy Tail have to work together to investigate it. Fairy Tail 223 ends here.

A good episode, some good stuff had happened, overall it seems that a new small arc begins. Should be fun to see whats in this island, Fairy Tail 224, titled “The Place You Came To!” should be good. Can’t wait.


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  1. grayfullbuster622

    I dont really think Much of This Arc let alone idk what its even about But I’m interested to see where its going Although Idk if its a Filler or what but I’ll find out eventually if I keep wattching I just cant wait for them to cover the original arcs and leave behind these fillers lets get to the next Episodes ^_^


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