Kiba, Shino and Hinata! Hunting For Scrolls – Naruto Shippuden 402

Naruto Shippuden 402 follows Kiba, Shino and Hinata, as well as Akamaru as they go up against Team Kazaki in an effort to get their scroll, however they face numerous points of trouble when their scroll is stolen and they nearly get trapped in sinking sands. A good episode overall. 

Naruto Shippuden 402 follows Kiba and the others as they talk about how Naruto’s training might be going. Team Kazami are looking for scrolls but it’s going to their way. They overhear Kiba and others and begin their attack. They have the opposite scrolls and thus will battle one another.

Kiba fights Burami, Hinata battles Kazami and Shino battles Muyami. They go on ahead to battle each other. Burami knows that Kiba has the scroll and thus sets up a trap for Kazami and Muyami to show up and take the scroll away from him. They do so, Kiba goes on ahead to attack to get the scroll back after getting pissed off.

However, we see Burami’s attack with his liquid like poison attack them, it smells really bad and their bodies are going numb. To which they go ahead and fight through it and just try and attack them. Muyami summons a mole which helps them to get away. Shino tracks them using his insects.

They go towards them, he comes out and kills the insect left by Shino. Kiba tries to attack the ground with them in there, but misses as they just get into a sand trap as they begin to slowly sink in this swamp. Team Kazami go on their way. Moments later see Hinata and others find that Akamaru isn’t feeling well, however previously he had peed on the sand to harden it. Hinata can’t find them, it’s Kiba’ turn. Naruto Shippuden 402 ends here.

A good chapter, I guess. Next week’s Naruto Shippuden 403, titled “Unwavering Gutiness” follows them as they go up against them once more and try to get the scrolls. Will do be able to?


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