Larcade’s Pleasure! Kagura Appears – Fairy Tail 508

Fairy Tail 508 see’s Larcade’s magic taking over everything and anyone within the battlefield, it even takes over his own forces as well as Zeref and others. Larcade is forced to stop after Zeref tells him. Yukino and Sorano face him but both are captured by his magic, thus Kagura appears and forces him to fight her.

Fairy Tail 508 begins as Minerva and Rogue seem to have defeated their enemy, it seems as though that further to this they also noticed Makarov’s Fairy Law which destroys only those the caster perceives as enemies, she mentions that it’s a good thing that they made amends with them. It seems like not every enemy has disappeared as some still are left to wonder, especially the Spriggan 12.

Elsewhere, we see Yukino and Sorano wondering as they see that most of the enemies have been defeated. But they quickly notice Larcade ho appears from a bright light. He mentions that it’s only right for him to do the same as what Fairy Law did to their own forces, otherwise he won’t be able to face his father.

Larcade then activates magic far and wide which begins to take everyone and everything with the light he’s unleashed, he uses the pure, white soul as it affects everyone, they begin to release some sort of smoke, first we see this pleasure affect Minerva then Rogue, then travels onto everyone else, from members such as Laxus to Mavis and so on. None of the others are capable of handling the forces of his pleasure.

Even Gildarts is affected by this, Cana doesn’t seem to be. August notices the magic, calling his magic dull, he also seems to have defeated Jellal and others. Erza fights against Eileen, seems as though that she is also affected, Erza and others are not. Erza ties to attack, but Eileen defends with a fire attack, but Wendy helps out with enchantment magic.

Zeref tells Larcade to stop as it is also affected everyone on the battlefield, even Zeref! Larcade tries to attack Yukino and thus is able to do so, even as she tries to defend herself, but the pleasure runs through her in that instant that she is unable to move. However, out of nowhere Kagura appears as she cuts the threads that hold them, she is shocked that he would follow the black wizard, when Larcade mentions that he is his father. Fairy Tail 508 ends here.

A pretty good chapter if you ask me, seems like they’ve managed to move on from the whole Fairy Tail-only gang, to something better as we see other members of other guilds fight here. On top of which, next week’s Fairy Tail 509, titled “Kagura vs Larcade”, should be awesome.

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    I look forward to see how this turns out next week, but I do hope to see Larcade win, because he has the potential to defeat Acnologia of people. So this is a great chance to see how his combat skills are.

    I have a feeling that Laracde isn’t a natural human, I don’t think he is a Demon, but he is a creation of Zeref. . Maybe some sort of clone or something, in some series, clones do consider their original their “parent”. (I do wonder though, how light is his hair colour, because if it is light as Mavis, maybe he took some of her hair and formed it together, into making his “son”, that is the only reason to explain the light hair).

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    1. Sunite

      Haha I hope you are correct, I hope that Kagura is defeated like everyone else that are not Fairy Tail. I think Larcade could potentially be a part of Zeref, as you mentioned. Or maybe it’s just like Natsu in that he also created him in a test tube.


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