Obito looks badass

Obito is Ten Tail’s Jinchuuriki! Madara vs Hashirama – Naruto Shippuden 378

Naruto Shippuden 378 shows Obito gaining full control of the Ten Tail’s Power as he uses it against the Hokage’s to remove them from the fight altogether. We also see Madara finally step up and begin fighting Hashirama as it seems that he can no longer wait on the side lines as he wishes to bring out his awesome trump card. Continue reading

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Naruto vs Sasuke by hvostik

POLL: Naruto vs Sasuke – Discussing The Results

A week ago I setup a poll to find out who you think we’ll see win between a final battle between Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. The votes have come in and it’s very surprising how they turned out, let’s go ahead and discuss a little about the poll and set some opinions straight. Continue reading

Two Death Guns

Two Death Guns! Kirito’s Plan – Sword Art Online II 11 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode 11 aired a few days ago to which Kirito works out that there may in fact be two different Death Gun’s. One acting as the perpetrator in game, while the other is in fact within the person’s house killing them by administering a drug. Sinon is told that she’s the one about to get attacked, and someone could be in her house while she plays. Continue reading

Sage Cosplay Naruto by by mimixum

Cosplay Monday: Sage Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki is the protagonist of one of the most popular anime ever, to which he battle all kinds of bad guys beating with all his might. Of which one of his powers is his Sage Mode, when enabled he can sense the world and all of its energy as well as use its power to fight better and stronger. This cosplay is really good as it shows Naruto’s Sage Side.  Continue reading

Mavis on an adventure

Mavis On Adventure! Tenrou Jade Stolen – Fairy Tail Zero 3

Fairy Tail Zero 3 battles Yuriy as Mavis seems to have thought over him in a way he never imagined, plus it seems that Warrod and Precht have gone ahead to find the Tenrou Jade missing. Mavis asks if she can accompany them in seeing the world as well as find the Tenrou Island, to bring back.  Continue reading

Natsu is King

The Grand Ball! Mage’s Invited To Palace – Fairy Tail 199

Fairy Tail 199 sees the mages have a little fun as they’re invited to the Palace for the first time for the Grand Ball to celebrate the defeat and savior of the Palace and Fiore. Everyone dresses up and has fun both conversing as well as eating the food available. Everyone even tries to get Yukino into their guilds. Continue reading

Megara and Hercules – Mirajane and Laxus

Mirajane and Laxus in Hercules by Sunhee2244

Within Fairy Tail we see many members of the guild to be in a group and maybe even couple, from which Laxus and Mirajane seem to be a good match as seen in the above picture. We see Megara in the form of Mirajane and Hercules as Laxus to which he seems to have come to her rescue. Continue reading

Mecha Kurama

Mecha-Kurama Appears! Mecha-Naruto Saves Village – Naruto Shippuden 377

Naruto Shippuden 377 see’s the turn of Mecha-Naruto into a hero for the village as he sacrifices himself in order to defeat the Mecha-Kurama that has just appeared. Naruto keeps on getting chased down when he doesn’t give up and mentions for Sasuke’s sake, that is when Itachi’s seal shows on Mecha-Naruto and he begins to help him.  Continue reading

Mecha Naruto

Mecha-Naruto Appears! Naruto Runs – Naruto Shippuden 376

Naruto Shippuden 376 brings a filler to the canon action arc as a Mecha Naruto is built by Orochimaru and sent to hunt Naruto in order to gain steal the Nine Tails. Naruto knows he can’t find whilst within the village and decides to evade. Throughout, his friends begin to be taken down and defeated one by one.  Continue reading

Giselle Shocked by Seireiart

Mayuri puppets Kensei and Rojuro! Giselle Defeated – Bleach 596

Bleach 596 see’s the arrival of Rojuro and Kensei to help Byakuya defeat Pepe, while Mayuri arrives to explain that they’re dead and now his puppets, including Rangiku and Toshiro. Mayuri also shows up Giselle as she is quickly defeated after finding out that Mayuri has the ability to take her puppets away from her, to which she is stabbed and killed. Continue reading


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