The Last Naruto The Movie Naruto and Sasuke Outfit Chibi

Sasuke’s Outfit Design and Mysterious Man in “The Last” Naruto The Movie

“The Last” Naruto the Movie will be releasing soon in Japanese theater, but before that happens we have some more awesome outfit designs and a mysterious bad guy! We learned that the moon will be taken under control and used against the Leaf and the World, this being the plot of movie however now we know that a mysterious man will plot against Naruto and others. Continue reading

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Naruto and Sasuke attack Obito

Naruto Sasuke vs Obito! My Ninja Way – Naruto Shippuden 383

Naruto Shippuden 383 shows the power of Naruto’s Ninja Way allowing him to overcome any obstacle Obito places on him. It also allows Naruto to unconsciously heal Shikamaru to his full potential when Tsunade also arrives to help. Everyone gets happy and go on to battle with their hearts out! Continue reading

Heavenly Wolf Illusion

Mavis’ Illusionary Magic! Dances with Blades – Fairy Tail Zero 4

Fairy Tail Zero 4 sets into motion where Mavis and Zeref both pass each other in it being their destiny, while Mavis and Precht go into a bar to find more information, she’s forced to use her illusionary magic. We go ahead to see Precht fight and protect Mavis from the thugs within the bar, they also find the head quarters of Blue Skull to be in Magnolia.  Continue reading

Bleach Ichigo and Rukia by americandork

A Peaceful Shinigami Life – Ichigo and Rukia

Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki are both powerful Shinigami’s who partake in transferring one soul from Ichigo’s city to Soul Society where they can find peace. We see them here in a peaceful setting with Rukia in here normal outfit while Ichigo is in his Final Getsuga Tenshou form. A pretty cool look image if you ask me.  Continue reading

Kirito and his party

Group Party to Excalibur – Sword Art Online II 15 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode 15 has aired and it is surprisingly good, after a seemingly finished arc of Death Gun and the Phantom Bullet, we join Kirito in a journey to find the Excalibur blade. We see Sinon join a party group including Kirito and his friends to find the blade when they arrive at an exclusive quest no one has stumbled upon.  Continue reading

Afro Happy

Repaying The Celestial Spirits! – Fairy Tail 204

Fairy Tail 204 seems like a stupid filler episode to me, Yukino, Lucy, Natsu and the others go into a hill to find themselves repaying the celestial spirits that had helped them to close the Eclipse Gate. We see some laughs here and there with the celestial spirits, however mostly it was a poor episode that I really didn’t like. Continue reading

Father of Heroic Sons Gin Freecss Minato Namikaze Bardock Monkey D Dragon Isshin Kurosaki by reshiin

Badass Fathers – Isshin, Minato, Dragon, Bardock and Ging

Fathers of some of our favourite characters gives an idea to how they grew up and the previous generation and their power. In this we go ahead to see the protagonists’ father as they also achieve some light, Isshin being Ichigo’s father, Minato with Naruto, Bardock with Goku. Dragon being Luffy’s father and Ging being Gon’s father.

Continue reading

Ino Kiba and Shino in The Last Naruto the Movie

Ino Kiba and Shino Character Design for “The Last” Naruto The Movie

“The Last” Naruto the Movie will soon be airing in Japanese theater, however now we get to see some character sketches and designs of the much older character such as Ino, Kiba and Shino. The Last is based on the future of what happened after the manga, so it obviously features some new designs. This post features the new designs from Ino, Kiba and Shino in their new role.  Continue reading

Naruto's Kurama Sage Mode

Naruto Sasuke vs Obito! Kage’s Arrive – Naruto Shippuden 382

Naruto Shippuden 382 shows the feelings of Naruto and Hashirama as they both use Ino’s communicative abilities to determine everyone into fighting bringing their spirits back up. The Kage’s also arrive at such a crucial time that they could be really helpful battling against Obito!  Continue reading

Nimaiya Oetsu Bleach 601

Nimaiya vs Quincy Elite Force! Askin’s Power – Bleach 601

Bleach 601 shows Nimaiya Oetsu’s true potential as he comes in rapping his tunes as well as killing Gerard Valkyrie, Pernida Parnkgjas and Lille Barro. While trying to kill Askin Nakk Le Vaar, he somehow comes back to life after Nimaiya ends all of them in just a few seconds. Continue reading


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