It’s Not Raining Anymore – Gray and Juvia

It's Not Raining Anymore by black2sun2

Gray and Juvia have been together for a large time now, from which we know that Juvia has a crush on him for all that time. As the image shows we can see that the rain which Juvia was consumed by, all her hate and violence come from it, however as Gray got into her life, she began to understand everything, especially love and compassion towards things. Continue reading

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Selica Sword Art Online by Xeno-Photography

Cosplay Monday: Selica

Selica or Ayano Keiko is the player name for a character within the world of Sword Art Online, a game consisting of many emotions and great action. Selica is a young girl who was trapped within the Sword Art Online game after it restricted anyone from logging out. Selica and the protagonist, Kirito are friends both within game as well as in real life. Her cosplay is fantastic too.  Continue reading

Link Start

Link Start! Asada’s Past – Sword Art Online II 3 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode 3 has aired so it’s once again time for me to share my opinion on the episode and how the series is progressing so far. We learn about Asada Shino’s past and why she is the way she is, from at a young age she was forced to hold a gun and shoot a chaotic man three times after threatening to kill her mother. From which she has become really weak to a point that anything related to guns will trigger this. On top of which Kirito goes ahead to “Link Start” into Gun Gale Online (finally)!  Continue reading

Natsu vs Rogue

Eclipse Gate Opens! Natsu vs Future Rogue – Fairy Tail 191

Fairy Tail 191 (season 2 episode 16) enhances on who Future Rogue really is, to which his theory of Lucy closing the gate may in fact be true, as the Eclipse Gate Opens her will changes and she is possessed by something to which it leads her to close the gate. Natsu and Future Rogue battle it out to which it’s revealed that he has also defeated Future Sting and has absorbed his abilities too.  Continue reading

Dragon Ball Z New 2015 Film

New Dragon Ball Z Movie Arrives In 2015

Dragon Ball Z fans should be excited as there is some great news of an awesome and new movie arriving in 2015. A magazine in Japan announces that this movie was premier during Gold Week of next year. Dragon Ball creator, Akira Toriyama personally takes credit for all the work being done within the movie as he takes part in the original concept, character design and screenplay. Continue reading

Mavis keeps feelings in her heart

Fairies In Your Heart – Fairy Tail Zero 1

Fairy Tail Zero 1 follows the story of Mavis Vermillion as we discover what happened before Fairy Tail itself as we see how Fairy Tail as a guild was built and made to what it is now. This is a monthly issue so it will get released monthly, not weekly. We follow Mavis’ journey within a Guild in Tenrou Island to which she gets bullied, however one day a fight breaks out and she’s the only remaining person there. Until a few people others arrive.  Continue reading

Clerfairy and Jigglypuff by zsparky

Attack on Pokemon

You must have recognized some of these, they’re characters from the famous Pokemon anime, however they seem to have a little bit of a twist to each other, especially since they’ve been drawn in a Attack on Titan fashion. From Jigglypuff to Mr Mime, to the awesome Bulbasaur, they’ve been drawn in a way to which they look like an awesome titan and still have that Pokemon feel to them.  Continue reading

Bleach Character Evolution

Bleach Character Evolution in Drawn Style

Tite Kubo, the creator of Bleach has created numerous fantastic characters to play a great part within the world of Bleach. From the moment it began in 2001, to now, all Bleach character have changed in their own unique way, both in personality and in the way they look. Some grew hair while others changed their look completely. This image shows us some of the main protagonists and how they’ve changed throughout this time.  Continue reading

Tobirama Senju Cosplay by knockkukocmyk

Cosplay Monday: Tobirama Senju

Tobirama Senju, the second Hokage and brother to one of the strongest Shinobi’s alive, truly someone to fear as their power is greater than most. Being Hashirama’s little brother, we quickly know that he’s always been looked down by him when it comes to leadership, on top of which Hashirama has always looked after him no matter what.  Continue reading

Sinon takes out Machine gun guy

Sinon The Sniper – Sword Art Online II 2 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode 2 aired, titled Ice Sniper, goes through the incredible story of Sinon or Asada Shino where they try and ambush other players however they are surprised to see a cloaked man with a mini gun, that’s when they face trouble. Sinon’s abilities are tested as they’re branded as the best sniper in the game.  Continue reading


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