Proving Your Best – Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki by Ayashige-doodles

Ichigo Kurosaki has been through a lot, for which I’m surprised that he’s handled all of that and come out fighting at the end of it all. From enabling his Shinigami abilities, to unleashing his Bankai and then learning about his Vizard side, then using that to defeat a lot of enemies. He also went ahead to become the Final Getsuga Tenshou. Now he’s a whole new person, more powerful and even more dangerous.  Continue reading

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Kirito cuts Death Gun

Death Gun’s Hand! Winning BoB – Sword Art Online II 13 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode 13 has aired and it’s surprisingly awesome, from Kirito and Sinon winning against Death Gun, we go ahead and see Shinkawa as one of Death Gun’s hands working behind the scene to kill his targets. We also see Sinon in real life deal with Shinkawa as she gains enough strength to fight him off when Kirito appears to help and fight against him.  Continue reading

Zeref and Mavis

Zeref’s Annihilation! Natsu and Lucy’s Job – Fairy Tail 201

Fairy Tail 201 see’s Natsu and Lucy look for a job when they’re met by a huge mole, they’re then met with Gray, Erza and Wendy who help them out and get the job done. Mavis and Zeref meet to which Zeref explains that he has decided on his action to kill everyone and restart everything allowing for a one sided annihilation.  Continue reading

Log Horizon 2 preview picture 12

Image Previews of Log Horizon Season 2

Log Horizon’s season 1 was pretty good, it entered us to a world where all players were scattered but under the watch of Shiroe, the city they lived in became a lot more manageable and allowed for it to be much more than a game. However this second season promises to unearth some awesome adventures and explore a lot of the game. Continue reading

Naruto against Obito

Obito vs Naruto, Sasuke! Madara vs Hashirama – Naruto Shippuden 379

Naruto Shippuden 379 shows the beginning battle of Obito vs Naruto, Sasuke, Minato and Tobirama while Madara battles Hashirama. We also follow smaller journeys of the past where Minato could have stopped Obito if he knew, while Hashirama is reminded of their fight while they were younger. Continue reading

Brute and Brawn – Goku and Hulk

Goku vs Hulk by Carlo Barberi

Goku vs Hulk, a battle as destructive as you can imagine where the one and only Goku battles the brute which is Hulk. In an effort to kick some ass, it’s a hard decision when it comes to deciding who will win this battle. The Green vs Orange battles will definite show its destructive potential at every turn. Continue reading

Kaneki Tokyo Ghoul

Watch Tokyo Ghoul (Anime)

Tokyo Ghoul is not for the squeamish, it’s an anime containing a lot of NSFW scenes containing blood and death, if you are too young then don’t watch this anime. We follow the journey of a regular high school kid, Kaneki, who meets a girl who’s ghoul like nature nearly kills him, however her organs are transplanted into Kaneki as part of an experiment where he himself becomes half a ghoul and half a human.  Continue reading

Natsu fired up Fairy tail 401 by jconscio

Igneel vs Acnologia! Natsu vs Mard Geer – Fairy Tail 401

Fairy Tail 401 begins as everyone gets fired up to which Igneel battles Acnologia while Igneel tells Natsu to battle Mard Geer to get the book of END. Natsu gets upset as he gets closer to Igneel in order to find out why he had disappeared, others wonder if their dragons also disappeared within them.  Continue reading

Kirito vs Sterben Death Gun

Kirito faces Death Gun/Sterben – Sword Art Online II 12 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode 12 goes on to bringing the plan from Kirito and Sinon to life as they take out another player to provide Kirito the battle of Kirito vs Death Gun/Sterben. Basically half the episode is nothing but talking while the other half is something we have been looking forward to, which is the actual battle. Continue reading

Ultear older

Ultear’s Goodbye! Doranbolt’s Memory Wipe – Fairy Tail 200

Fairy Tail 200 is a slow episode featuring the departure of Ultear from the show as she is now much older, she leaves Jellal and Meredy a very sad message and see’s Gray at one point too. Jellal and Meredy also find out that Doranbolt has successfully been able to memory wipe everyone’s memory’s about the Dragons incident.  Continue reading


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