Kakashi's Evil Glare

Kakashi’s Journey to Team 7 – Naruto Shippuden 360

Naruto Shippuden 360 is everything before Team 7, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, met the glorious Kakashi. We learn about how Kakashi’s methodology of picking a team he can create goes deep within his heart where he uses it in order to confirm if the team he has now is ready to move on with him. He goes through two groups, failing both groups, while the next groups will include Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura who we’ve seen before.  Continue reading

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Nonon Jakuzure Cosplay from Kill La Kill Header by MahoCosplay

Cosplay Monday: Nonon Jakuzure

Nonon Jakuzure is one of the members from the Elite Four who devote themselves to helping Satsuki Kiryuin, she may not be one of the main characters from Kill La Kill, but cosplayers have had tremendous fun cosplaying as her. Her reason for being this week’s Cosplay Monday is due to the fact that this artist has done an impeccable job of showcasing the character. Continue reading

Watch Black Bullet Anime

Watch Black Bullet (Anime)

Black Bullet, in the not so near future, humans were infected with a viral parasite named Gastrea which caused them despair and turned into monsters. These have been exiled into a small territory within the city. We follow a Rentaro and Enju where by they fight these horrendous monsters in order to prevent the destruction of Tokyo and the world. The thrilling heroic action story starts now!  Continue reading

Fairy Tail wait for Orders

Fairy Tactician! Eclipse 2 Plan – Fairy Tail 178

Fairy Tail 178 shows Mavis’ true colours as she is revealed to be a great tactician while she was still alive, she predicts and calculates what the fights are going turn out to be, we also learn that after Natsu helps Lucy’s escape, they falls into the Hell Prison. We find out who the princess is and who the person is who put them in the prison, this being Hisui E. Fiore.  Continue reading

Itachi's eyes

Uchiha Clan Assassination! Rogue Ninja – Naruto Shippuden 359

Naruto Shippuden 359 shows the depart of the now tagged Rogue Ninja Itachi Uchiha, as he joins the Akatsuki in order to keep on eye on Obito. Their mission of annihilating the Uchiha Clan was a success and to which the whole Uchiha Clan were killed off except for a few still left such as Sasuke and Itachi. Hiruzen also tells Kakashi that he’s being let go from the ANBU to become a Jonin Leader.  Continue reading

Bleach 577 Nozarashi Zaraki by striplax

Zaraki’s Nozarashi Shikai! Meteorite Destroyed – Bleach 577

Bleach 577 finally releases Zaraki’s Nozarashi Shikai to which he is quickly and swiftly able to destroy the upcoming meteorite headed to destroy Seireitei. Gremmy himself begins happy to see Zaraki and everyone else die then notices how big of a grin Zaraki has to which he himself is happy to face something he has never done so before, he destroys it swiftly.  Continue reading

Naruto 673 Naruto and Sasuke by Designerrenan and Gaston18

Naruto and Sasuke vs Madara! Final Battle – Naruto 673

Naruto 673 gets me pumped up as Naruto was easily able to push Madara back using his newly found power, however after Madara absorbed the Holy Tree he has gained a few powers. Sasuke also gets into gear as he quickly arrives at where Naruto is in order to lend his power. As the reincarnations of Indra and Ashura, they will now fight their last battle against the powerful Madara.  Continue reading

Captain Earth Poster

Watch Captain Earth (Anime)

Brand new anime’s and the spring anime season has already begun bringing lots of new and awesome anime, today I’d like to recommend you that you watch Captain Earth which is about a boy, Daichi Manatsu, who encounters various alien things by which he follows to reveal his fate and future. He’s quickly put into a large mecha machine called the Earth Engine in order to defend off against an impending enemy who calls the moon their base.  Continue reading

Loly Aivirrne Cosplay by VelvetNeko

Cosplay Monday: Loly Aivirrne

Cosplay Monday goes to a character who you may have forgotten, Loly Aivirrne, from Aizen’s Fraccion as well as being the 33rd Arrancar in his army. You may have completely forgotten her from the much important arc, however you may remember that she and her partner, Menoly, came back during the Quincy Arc a while ago. Nevertheless this cosplay is impressive after knowing that it’s her first cosplay.  Continue reading


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