Tousen Kaname Cosplay by KanameTousen

Cosplay Monday: Kaname Tosen

Kaname Tosen wanted peace, his heart wanted nothing more than peace, he wanted to be in peace and was willing to fight for such a thing. However during his path, he took a wrong turn and ended up by Aizen’s side and was driving to his own death by his own friends. Kaname is an awesome character that did not deserve what was coming to him, nevertheless this cosplay is awesome.  Continue reading

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Death Gun Locked On

Finding Death Gun – Sword Art Online II 9 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode  9 begins as Death Gun himself goes around to kill a member within the Bullet of Bullets tournament. He does this when Sinon shoots and misses, he disappears while Kirito and Sinon both go a head to look for him. At the same time Asuna and the others watch the match to realise that Death Gun might be from Sword Art Online.  Continue reading

Natsu and Atlas Flames vs Future Rogue and Mother Glare

Ultear’s Last Ages! Gray is Alive – Fairy Tail 197

Fairy Tail 197 shows the despair in which Ultear is in to which she decides to user her Last Age’s Magic to turn back time for a mere one minute, to which it aids in bringing back Gray from the death as well as giving everyone a fighting chance. Everyone is down and has no where to go, however the 1 minute they saw into the future has allowed them to overcome the tactics from the Dragons and attack back.  Continue reading

Fairy Ghoul – Gajeel and Levy

Fairy Ghoul Gajeel and Levy by awskitee

Fairy Tail and Tokyo Ghoul go hand in hand in this image as Gajeel, being a Ghoul, is with Levy who seems to be an innocent human. Gajeel and Levy from the anime Fairy Tail are seen to be a couple in both the anime and in this image. In this image, Gajeel is a ghoul with the power as shown while he has Levy’s eyes covered. Begin a Ghoul must be hard for him to show his love to her.  Continue reading

Sakura Naruto and Sasuke Deadlock

New Three-Way Deadlock! Tsunade Recovers – Naruto Shippuden 374

Naruto Shippuden 374 to see a new Three-Way Deadlock between Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura are they all summon their animals to fight against the Ten Tail. Naruto’s Wind and Sasuke’s Fire attacks join their Rasen-Shuriken and Amaterasu Bow to create an even more powerful attack between the both against the Ten Tails, to which it seems to be burning it.  Continue reading

Shonen Jump Magazine Cover 2009

Delays on Shonen Jump Manga Chapters

You may have noticed that there is no Bleach 594, Naruto 690 or One Piece 758 when it should have already been released. Well we are all waiting for the manga copies to get released in Japan, here I will explain, to the best of my knowledge, what is currently going on and why there was a clear disruption and delay on the raw and translated manga chapters. Continue reading

Death Gun appears

Bullet of Bullets Final Tournament – Sword Art Online II 08 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode 8 gets underway as Kirito, Sinon and many others enter the Bullet of Bullet tournament to win against 29 other players, of which Death Gun begins killing individuals as soon as he can. Death Gun is seen by Kirito and Sinon as they work together to watch over Death Gun, Kirito also notices how Death Gun will use a pistol to murder an individual, he shouts at Sinon to stop him.  Continue reading

Family Fun Gaara and Kankuro by Nekomatalee

Cosplay Monday: Gaara and Kankuro

Gaara and Kankuro are both brothers, and from the very beginning they have been together from the chunin exams and the moments they fought against Naruto and others. Being brothers they’ve been through a lot, especially as Gaara is now the Kazekage. These cosplay images are pretty awesome, as they both joke around, they still fight as one.  Continue reading

Stop This War – Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki Stop by Linnyxito

Throughout the battle against Obito and Madara, as well as the other enemies on the battlefield, one emotion we never got to see from Naruto was desperation. He saw many of his comrades die however his emotions never faltered as if he did, his own power would have never been what it is now. His courage to defeat the enemy has always been high. Naruto will fight to defeat the enemy and show everyone his candidacy for Hokage!  Continue reading

Gray Killed by Beam

Gray’s Death! Fairy Tail’s Demise – Fairy Tail 196

Fairy Tail 196 brings an end to Gray’s Life as he is killed by the mini-monsters spawned in by Mother Glare, Fairy Tail begins to lose its grips on the whole situation when most of the members are hurt badly that they aren’t able to move. Gray’s Death in general creates a dimension where Fairy Tail members can finally die, it being protagonists or just normal members. Continue reading


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