Garou’s Surrounded! Monsters Gather – One Punch Man 80

One Punch Man 80 see’s members of the public finding out whats going with the monster association and the heroes fighting back. It seems like their image is being ruined. All whilst Genos gains a new body with new toys. Garou tries to rest up but a few kids walk in on him, while Death Gatling also follows him into the place he’s at, he’s quickly surrounded by lots of heroes who want to take him down.

One Punch Man 80 begins with Kuseno an Genos talking about Genos’ new body. Kuseno feels like he’s implemented some really good changes to his body. Genos doesn’t feel like losing again, especially after what had happened to him. Genos is told to know his own limits. All while the public hears about whats going on with the Monster and Heroes associations and whats currently happening.

Even the current heroes who fought are angry, everyone is scared. Metal Knight also talks with Child Emperor about the current situation. Metal Knight wants to stay out of with because of past situations whilst Child Emperor tries to get him to help out. The guys at the Heroes HQ talk about their next move.

All whilst current monsters read the news and go towards City Z where it seems like the Monster Association HQ is. In City Z, we see Saitama take out so many damn heroes, whilst holding bin bags, seems like he’s late to deliver the bin bags to the garbage truck. Elsewhere, we see kids bullying another kid, telling him to go to their hide out where a tramp is living there.

The kid walks in to find that Garou is there, he nearly pees himself when Garou recognises him. It seems like he reveals that he’s being bullied into coming to the building, Garou tries to make the kid learn about dealing with his bullies. Outside the building, we see Death Gatling appear alongside other heroes.

It seems that they know Garou is inside, they’re slowly surrounding the building when Garou himself realises that he’s surrounded by evil intentions against him. The kid is about to open the door, but it seems like Garou already knows whats going to happen next. One Punch Man 80 ends here.

A pretty damn good chapter, feels like Garou, who is currently injured, will have a fun day fighting up against the other heroes, especially Death Gatling who will definitely give him a run for his money. Anyways, can’t wait for the next One Punch Man 81 chapter.

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