Kara Gathers! Mitsuki’s Father – Boruto 15

Boruto 15 see’s the defeat of the Mujine Boss as both Sarada and Mitsuki appear to save both Boruto and Tentou. All whilst Shojoji is captured and interogated by Sasuke who managed to reveal secrets about Boruto’s mark which had transformed when fighting Shojoji a lot earlier. We’re revealed to the Kara group which displays similar marks, they meet at the end of the chapter.


Boruto 15 begins:

  • Begins with Boruto and Tentou celebrating for defeating Shojoji but he moves and gets up, it seems like he’s still able to fight when Boruto creates a Rasengan but disappears when his arm numbs up and a seal is formed from the dot he had. Shojoji see’s it and remembers that he’s seen it somewhere, from a specific organisation.
  • Boruto doesn’t know where it’s from, to which Shojoji mentions that he’s going to die now. But out of nowhere, Sarada and Mitsuki shows up and take down Shojoji as they were just too worried about him. Boruto’s seal disappears. Konohamaru is angry at them for not following their mission.
  • Tentou’s dad appears, which is very happy to see him, it seems like Tentou has learned from this experience as he wants to also support his dad. They’re about to leave when Boruto gives back his card to Tentou.
  • Later, Boruto gets more Ninja’s Card but doesn’t get any that he wants. Sarada also gets some when she see’s Orochimaru for the first time. Mitsuki reveals that he changes his faces from time to time, but he knows as he is his father.
  • We see Tentou reveal the card that Boruto had given back to be none other then Sasuke. Later we see Morino Ibuki, Sai and Sasuke walk in to ask about the seal on Boruto’s hand.
  • He reveals that he heard a group which wore black robes, he saw markings which resemble the seal which showed up on Boruto’s hand. They called themselves “Kara” who seem to know what the markings mean.
  • We move elsewhere as we see these Kara members for the first time, we see one call another by his name Sir Jigen, who is sitting on a chair. He gathers everyone as they’re about to begin something. Boruto 15 ends here.

The end of this chapter seems to be the start of a group that seems to be comparing themselves to the Akatsuki, which I’m sure will never be as good as them. Nevertheless, it seems like a good chapter, the next Boruto 16 should be good.

There are 3 comments

    1. Sunite

      I think any group that has black robes of some kind will always be compared to the Akatsuki for me, and the thing about them is that they were awesome, so I doubt that these guys will even hold up against them.

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