Sonic’s Monster Cell! Zombieman Chases – One Punch Man 78

One Punch Man 78 see’s Sonic’s story come into light after two individuals show up who seem to know exactly who Sonic is, they try to recruit him using their own powers enhanced by the monster cells. They give Sonic a monster cell which he cooks up and eats, but doesn’t work. Also see Zombieman chase a monster association member who gets beaten by a large gorilla, thus he chases down them. We also see Bang wait for Garou to show up.

One Punch Man 78 begins with Sonic sitting as he thinks about something on his mind, he was previously practising throwing knifes at Saitama’s face when he’s interrupted by two individuals who fight him, but then present him with an option. They seem to be his senior class man where they went to school.

They introduce themselves as Hayata of the wind and Flame of the Hellfire. They notice that he seems to have something against this individual, thus they extend their hands to what they describe to be something much higher. They have associated themselves with the Monster Association and want to revolutionise the world.

Sonic asks why they came for him, to which they mention that they see potential in him, thus they want to use him to take care of the rest while they try to attack and kill Flashy Flash. Sonic tells them that he doesn’t have the time to play his silly games, as he denies, Hayata shows him his power as he transforms and quickly transports himself behind Sonic.

They describe the monster transformation to be the best as it amplifies their own powers by so much more. It seems like there doesn’t seem to be any sort of drawback. It is nothing they’ve touched before as they can just go ham. It seems the word “power” seems to have gone to his head as the monster cell could help him out.

No matter how much he trains, he cannot see himself standing up against Saitama. But with the power Wind and Flame seem to possess, it could help him. He holds a monster cell in his hand, which he wants to eat and become a monster. Elsewhere, we see Marshall Gorilla walking by, he seems to be taking down lots of A-class heroes, a lot of heroes are also talking about it, but Zombieman mentions that he can take this while others help save others.

Marshall Gorilla is being followed by Zombieman, he encounters another man walking by who seems like an innocent bystander, thus Zombieman runs up to try to save him, but it turns out to be a large gorilla with a hoodie, he introduces himself as Armoured Gorilla who is just trying to get some groceries. Marshall Gorilla tells him that he’s being played by the system, and tries to attack.

Thus out of nowhere, Marshall Gorilla tries to use his knife but Armoured Gorilla punches Marshall Gorilla in the face breaking his teeth and everything else. Armoured Gorilla carries on as Zombieman keeps on following him. Bang and Bomb talk about Garou and where he might be, seems like they care about him, and feel like he should come back to home as Bang seems to be chasing him down.

Bang mentions that he should understand what it means to be become a monster, to which if he’s going to commit suicide by her, he’ll beat him himself. Elsewhere, we see Sonic cut, fry and make the monster cell into a dish he is truly proud off, with wine and everything. He’s ready to become a monster, but all that happens is Sonic has the shits when he eats it. One Punch Man 78 ends here.

A pretty dope chapter, seems like Sonic is having a real dilemma when it comes with comparing himself with Saitama. But will he ever see himself on the same plane as Saitama? Well, I guess we can’t all see what will happen, nevertheless, it was a great chapter, can’t wait for the next One Punch Man 79, should be good.

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