Denki and Iwabe! Passing Exams – Boruto 16

Boruto 16 see’s an episode dedicated to both Denki and Iwabe as they both try to pass the test. Denki wants to be able to pass the physical where he has to climb the wall, while Iwabe has to pass the paper based question and answer test. They figure out ways to help one another where they manage to pass the exam by showing this as they save kids from the burning building nearby.

Boruto 16 seems like a filler episode to me, it goes beyond anything that I’ve seen in the series and seems to try to improve the characters and personalities of these two. It seems like it does this well as we learn and get a happy ending from the two.

I don’t think we learnt a lot from the episode except for the fact that Mitsuki doesn’t feel any pain from a hot ass burger which I think he ate. Nevertheless, at this point, there isn’t a lot I can even say about it. But you might have an opinion or two.

Next week’s Boruto 17, titled “Run, Sarada” focuses on Sarada off course, and how she seems to have forgotten something and wants to get it again. It seems like these filler-like episodes are bringing back what I didn’t like about the Naruto series in the first place, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see for the meantime.

What do you think?

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