Fairy Tail Anime Returns in 2018

To add to the end of the Fairy Tail manga series, the creator Hiro Mashima reveals on his twitter account that the final season of he series will  be adapted into an anime which will return in 2018. Mashima even went as far as to post two tweets, one in Japanese, and the next in English.

The English tweet:

The Japanese tweet:

Nothing apart from the tweet has been revealed. Except that it will be based off the final arc which we’ve seen in the manga series, fights between the Alvarez Kingdom, Fairy Tail and Acnologia.

I’d like to also mention that, when the series does come back, I will not be covering largely because I’m just glad the series has come to an end, and thus allows me to concentrate on different series and gives me more time to do other things.

Anyways, what are your initial thoughts? Go ahead and comment down below telling us what you think.


There are 5 comments

      1. LPEast

        FT Fanfics were a lot better than the cannon.
        If you read FT fanfics man, I can recommend a great one, one where Acnologia uses Dragon Force.


  1. nectarinia

    don’t force yourself if you don’t want to make review about anime ver, nobody force you, right? ^^” people have their own real life and want to focus to something ele, I think it’s fine


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