Cosplay: Momo Hinamori and Aizen Sosuke

Momo and Aizen had a particular relationship. Momo was formerly the lieutenant of the 5th Division under Aizen Sosuke. Momo has previously tried to avenge Aizen’s death but when see finally see’s him, he doesn’t hesitate to stab her through the chest, which nearly kills her. This cosplay is the complete opposite as it shows both Momo and Aizen in a normal setting.

This fantastic cosplay was posted by J-Melmoth as Aizen, and Veresk as Momo. If you like what you see here, go ahead and check them out. They have a ton of awesome artwork which I’m sure you’ll really like. Also be sure to share this artwork of both Aizen and Momo with other fans of Bleach as well as these two characters.

What do you think?

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