Monster King Orochi! Saitama vs King – One Punch Man 79

One Punch Man 79 see’s the power the Monsters Association holds as we see Monster King Orochi himself attack and kill one of his own monsters in an effort to show who’s strong. On top of which, we see Gyoro Gyoro invade the Heroes Association tells them to come and get their hostage. All while Garou wakes up to find himself not remember who took him out. While Saitama and King play a game where they fight each other.

One Punch Man 79 see’s members of the Hero Association talk about whats currently happening in the cities, they learn from the Monsters Association as it seems like the monsters seems to ganging up together to work together in order to fight the heroes. They learn of the kidnapping of a child from the supporters of the heroes, and how they want to leverage him against the heroes.

They get a message from the Monster Association, but the man repeats himself time and time again, to which point he transforms, growing two horns and holding a large round eye which opens to reveal Gyoro Gyoro, who begins to talk nice and how they can all stay together and leave in peace.

One of the heroes people agrees to it but the monsters realise that it’s fake and shoots him, to which it seems like they do not want peace, to which they call the heroes out that they’ll crush them as soon as they come and try to take their hostage back, as Orochi will be waiting for all the best heroes ever.

The eye blows up and the tentacle guy is attacked by Darkshine, to which he kills the insect and guy from the monsters. Elsewhere we see, Orochi and others from the Monsters Association gather up and talk about their plans. Gyoro talks to everyone as they plan to attack the heroes, while calling Lord Orochi their king.

No one cheers as they do not want Orochi to become their king, only to crush the Hero Association. Orochi mentions there are those who are defeated among them, to which he stretches one of his horns and crushes him and eats him up. There are others who lost but are uninjured, but they might become useful later on.

Orochi asks about Gouketsu and where he is. We  see Garou wake up and ask himself how he got defeated, to which he thinks that King defeated him. On top of which, Death Gatling does notice him walking off. We also notice that Saitama is playing a game against King, to which he losses somehow just by doing a combo.

Gyoro notices Gouketsu’s torn up body as it seems like Saitama clearly took care of him as his head is clearly missing. Gyoro mentions that the death of Gouketsu doesn’t seem like an ordinary death as there might be something here. One Punch Man 79 ends here.

A pretty cool chapter, it seems like Gouketsu’s death has put doubt on Gyoro’s mind on who could have killed him. On top of which, Saitama has zero care in the world at the moment. So what do you think, go ahead and comment down below telling us what you think of the chapter and what’ll come next.

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  1. dreager1

    I really liked this chapter as well. It’s great to see a full sized one as opposed to one of those mini chapters. It’ll be cool to see a proper war between the heroes and villains. It would be a perfect time to give some of the S ranked fighters a real fight. I’d like the A ranked celebrity to get in on the action as well since he got a lot of hype in the anime but hasn’t done anything yet


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