Sarada and Boruto! Hidden in the Mist – Boruto 24 & 25

Boruto 24 and 25 anime episode see’s Sarada and Boruto’s going up against one another as the Kage summit is at hand, we see that there is a new threat quickly approaching as Sasuke has already begun seeing the aftermath of Kaguya’s wrath. On top of all of this, Boruto and others go ahead to the Hidden Mist when they find out that there is something very wrong.

Boruto 24 was actually a little good, in terms of building hype for the upcoming fights and letting all the Kage’s know in terms of what they need to do and the trouble they’re facing will mean that the current individuals and upcoming generations will have a much bigger battle in terms of the talent they have.

Boruto 25 went a little downhill in terms of entertainment because of how much hype it lost. The episode itself was good in how it revealed a whole new village to current viewers and how it showed the aftermath of all the growth all the villages have been having. But then again, it showed how a village never lost it’s core belief from before the village saw growth.

Both episodes had their merits and downfalls, I personally found 24 to be much better, because of how much it built up for future episodes. Nevertheless, it seems like the next couple episodes will see new content from a whole new village. Boruto 26, titled “The Mizukage’s Successor.”

What do you think?

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