Kara and Vessel! Boruto’s Training – Boruto 16

Boruto 16 see’s Kara members talking about their mission and what they call the Vessel and how it’ll come into use in their overall plan. All whilst Boruto and Naruto face off each other in an effort to see how they’ve grown, from Boruto’s training to Naruto’s use of a hand tech. This vessel appears shortly as Konohamaru finds the vessels container.

Boruto 16 seems to reveal quite a lot about the members of Kara and how these men specifically call themselves the Inners and everyone they use or command being the outer. Seems like members such as Kashin Koji isn’t afraid to kill their own members in order to get what they truly want, disregarding the overall vision and paying attention to his own.

The talk about the vessel is interesting, seems like this vessel might actually something interesting. I really get the feeling that all of this related a lot to the Akatsuki and how they used to communicate and get together. Feels pretty similar, brings a lot of memories back.

Moving on, we have Boruto and Naruto training, it seems like Boruto is going all on when he goes towards Naruto, everyone notices that Boruto has definitely improved. But Naruto just catches him out. It seems like he himself was using a technique which absorbed magic, he was testing out a magic similar to the guys who they previously defeated.

Moving on to Konohamaru, he finds a vessel with nothing inside, it seems like it’s right outside. Feels like they’ll face something huge now as this thing or person might be strong. Boruto 16 ends here, it seems like it’s only upwards from here as this vessels and the guys from Kara might keep coming back a few times. Can’t wait for the next Boruto 17!

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