Reforging Zangetsu – Ichigo Kurosaki

We’ve known Ichigo Kurosaki and his zanpakuto to go through a number of iterations and transformations in his short life. From first obtaining Rukia’s abilities and first zanpakuto to the revelations to his brand new forging of two separate swords which manifested during his time with Oetsu Nimaiya. This image shows just how fantastic the new zanpakuto’s really are.

Reforging Zangetsu Ichigo by LarizSantos

With Oetsu Nimaiya being one of the coolest Squad Zero characters, he helped Ichigo to connect to both of his powers and reforged his zanpakuto. This fantastic piece of artwork was created by LarizSantos who has a great amount of work based on Bleach. Definitely worth checking them out. Be sure to also share this page with other fans of Bleach and Ichigo.

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  1. nickdunnaquatic

    Very nice artwork. That golden eagle on Zangetsu reminds me of Yhwach’s Spirit Weapon, who’s Guard is shaped like a bird and the blade looks pretty similar to Zangetsu.

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      1. nickdunnaquatic

        I agree. Yhwach was about to reveal his Spirit Weapons name, but Ichibei’s Ichimonji took away it’s name. We only know one of its abilities. Which can transfer Yhwach’s Reiatsu to anyone that touches the blade. Maybe when Aizen challenges Yhwach, he’ll reveal the Spirit Weapons name and true power.

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        1. Sunite

          Oh man, I’m hoping Aizen pops in when Isshin and Ryuken also arrive. That would be epic. I kind of consider Aizen as one of the dad’s of the series, so seeing him with the others will be awesome.


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