Acnologia Approaches! Eileen’s Plan – Fairy Tail 486

Fairy Tail 486 see’s Gajeel fighting against Bradman with the help of Levy, all while Eileen already knows that Acnologia approaches  and thus begins to set things up whereby Zeref notices that the nature of magic on the land has already been changed. On top of which, August notices Happy as it seems that they’ve made contact.

Fairy Tail 486 begins as Bradman escapes from Gajeel’s attack, then grips Gajeel which causes Gajeel to punch him back. Bradman threatens Gajeel but he just headbutts and kicks him back. Eileen tells Juliet and Hynhe to go ahead and fight as it seems that more troublesome characters will be approaching. They both complain a little but go on ahead.

The first guests were Blue Pegasus and Sabertooth, the second were the Fairy Tail, the next will be the third guests which will be making an appearance may prove to be troublesome. It seems that the third are members of Oracion Seis, who are currently moving the Olympia Temple. And he fourth guest who will enter soon will be coming too, which will have Eileen take part in the battle herself, but first she must set up some stuff.

With Happy large, Natsu gets pranked on with a bigger head, then Lucy’s boobs are many small and then larger than normal. From here, we see Happy get attacked, but it misses him. We see August notice them, seem’s like they’ve finally make contact. Elsewhere, we see Eileen do something to the land itself, before the arrival of the fourth guest, she needs to make some preparations.

The fourth guest is Acnologia who approaches the battlefield, he is referred to as the Black Winged one, while Eileen is referred to as the Scarlet Angel. Bradman’s body is made by magic barrier particles which affect mage’s, but Gajeel can make his lungs metal, so he can escape them. Gajeel attacks back with his Dragon’s lance, but doesn’t work.

Bradman uses an attack which allows him to call himself as a reaper. He uses the bones he has summoned to attack everyone in the area. This also causes some damage to Gajeel, but he’s okay for now. At the moment, we see Levy show up as she uses her Shine ability which is known as an holy attribute magic, she also covers her mouth with a mask. She explains that she wants to keep on living, that refers to what Gajeel said before about dying to defeat Bradman.

Bradman mentions that them both being there is nothing more than death for both, they shall call him the reaper. Elsewhere at the western part of Fiore, we see Zeref notice that the magic flowing through the land has changed. He notices that Eileen is planning something, this is when Fairy Tail 486 ends here.

A pretty good chapter, seems like Eileen is really strong and knows that she can take on Acnologia, while also Natsu and others meeting August. Gajeel might have a good fight in him right now against Bradman, but Levy had to step in. Fairy Tail 487, titled “The Third Seal” will see a 25-page chapter with a special colour page, should be awesome.

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    OK let me first off by state:

    483: Seven Stars
    484: Six Monsters
    485: Five Days’ Worth of Food
    486: (Now) The Fourth Guest
    487: (Next) The Third Seal

    Clearly, we are having a titled number theme, the only question is will it end at 1 or 0?

    Things, I hope Hiro keeps to that August hype, because I don’t want to see Happy, Lucy & Natsu team up and take him down, he better live up to being the strongest, (And have Gildarts join in). While I’m glad to see the Oracion Seis again, but I wished Hiro gave them an epic entrance. Hope to see a nice Yukino & Sorano moment. Irene vs Acnolgoia, while I don’t see Irene winning, if she can give Acnologia a good fight, and can hold her own against him for a while, SHE WILL PLACE HERSELF AS ONE OF THE TOP MOST BADASS FAIRY TAIL CHARACTERS OF ALL TIME!!!!!!. Also I hope Acnologia shows up, he is in his human form, because I think he looks more badass that way.

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    1. Sunite

      To me, it seems like August will already be someone who will team up with Natsu and others, it’s been said that Brandish will try to get him to her side, but I don’t think it’ll happen now but will later on. To me, Eileen has already been seen as the big villain, while August being the fragile old man with great power. Nevertheless, the story could go either way.
      Plus I wonder if Hiro will go down to 0 or just to 1, should be good to see. Yup, Eileen should be good against him.


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