Jacob’s Stealth! Mavis’ Discovery – Fairy Tail 478

Fairy Tail 478 see’s the battle between Natsu vs Jacob as he gets put down and tied on the floor while Jacob uses his stealth powers to be able to turn Lucy’s clothes invisible. He predicts that it will disgust them but it doesn’t as he himself is disgusted, all while they kick him in the face. In the mean time, we see Mavis think of an idea that will  defeat Zeref.

Fairy Tail 478 see’s Jacob and Natsu fight as for a few hits, Jacob is able to counter it and attack Natsu back. He vanishes when he reappears and smacks Natsu on the ground with a lot of force. He keeps disappearing when Mavis realises that he’s using Stealth, complete transparency camouflage. He reappears on top of Mavis, he is able to detect her position and thus hits Mavis’ head.

Loke is summonsed by Lucy in order to use his Shining Lion light which allows them to see him. Loke attacks but somehow his attack is countered and he’s pushed back. He spins his hands when it begins to cut and hurt Natsu as well as the others. It’s an invisible weapon that cannot be seen, it’s the power belonging to Jacob.

Jacob uses an attack but instead of attacking Natsu, it does so to Lucy as she’s behind. He thought it was a projectile aimed as Natsu, but it was in fact a whip aimed at Lucy. Jacob goes invisible again, Jacob pins Natsu down, as he begins to try to torture him by making Lucy’s clothes invisible, he thinks that because they’re in the same clothes, he will be affected.

But it doesn’t do anything,  he doesn’t find it intimidating because Lucy wears these kinds of clothes from time to time so he’s used to it. At the same time, we see Jacob’s face all contorted as he doesn’t want to look either. It seems that he thinks that it will be a double edged sword. Lucy knows the plan and thus Lucy begins to follow it as she begins to remove her clothes.

Seemingly, we see Natsu and Lucy use their attacks on Jacob as he realises that it was all an act to get him to leave his guard down. Jacob finds this insane as he is just an dignified grown man.At the same time, Mavis thinks of a way to the means by which to defeat Zeref! Fairy Tail 478 ends here.

Pretty good and early chapter if I say so myself. Didn’t expect there to be a chapter today, but was a good one. Next week’s Fairy Tail 479, titled “What We Should Show The Greatest Respect To Is…” seems like a strange title, let’s wait and see what it’ll turn to be like.

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    OK, the first part was cool with Jacob dominating, but the last part with Jacob showing his “weakness” was a major downfall, and Lucy naked…is nothing new, its getting really old. Why does Hiro have to make the villains look so stupid and why can’t he make more serious, badass takes-no crap type of villains like Acnolgia.


    1. Sunite

      I know right, I thought Jacob would be a promising evil guy, but yet again we see just anther enemy who will just turn out to be crap. Im hoping others like august and Invel are decent. I agree that it’s getting a little repetitive, but it’s still not too bad.


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