Naruto and Sasuke Mix Chakra! Let’s End This – Naruto 650


Naruto 650 begins to end the battle in which Naruto and Sasuke are fighting hard. They get struck down by Obito’s Ten Tail’s powers only when their Ninja Way steps in to show that Sasuke and Naruto can mix their powers equally to create a Susanoo and Kurama Mode hybrid which looks pretty awesome. While this goes on, everyone begins their battle to cut down the street to which Tsunade and Sakura use their healing abilities to help everyone. Naruto and Sasuke wants to end this battle as quickly as they can.

Naruto 650 begins with all Kage’s pushing out with their forces in order to cut the tree down, Hashirama mentions that they need to chop the tree down. The samurai’s help out too. Tobirama mentions that he’ll be using the link between Minato and Naruto’s chakra, he isn’t able to help everyone however he can use his Body Flicker technique. Hiruzen asks if Orochimaru is just going to be standing still, he mentions that he has nothing to gain from this war.

Then mentions that if Obito fulfills his dream it would be the same as all his experiments being taken away. He cannot have this thus Hiruzen mentions that he can lend them a hand. Orochimaru uses his snakes to slow down a piece of the root growing. Hiruzen cuts the root quickly. Obito notices that everyone is on the offensive formation.

A wood dragon is heading towards two Shinobi’s when they quickly disappear and reappear using Tobirama’s techniques. Tobirama mentions that he will use this technique to help anyone move from there. Tsunade and Sakura are both Mitotic Regeneration: One Hundred Healings users and thus should be able to summon one tenth of Katsuya’s body from the forest. She will serve as the pillar for the alliance, as long as they’re within her healing radius they will be able to recover via regeneration.

Katsuyu appears and Ino is told to relay the message to everyone. Katsuyu appears and quickly begins to help out. Obito faces both Sasuke and Naruto in their Kurama and Susanoo Mode. They predict his movement and quickly attack, however Obito mentions that its way past their bedtime and will quickly send them to their dreams.

Obito quickly creates large hands and holds both Naruto and Sasuke, Kakashi thinks about a few things in which he mentions that he wanted to confirm that inside his own heart there will be an unbreakable heart that will always beat the Will Of Fire, he may think that he’s thrown it aside however while fighting Naruto he is slowly realising that this will may still exist within him.

Plus there is a side in him that refuses to acknowledge the silver lining, this fight inside of him must be making him really sad. And now he’s trying to seek out an answer from Naruto. He goes down and throws both Naruto and Sasuke to the ground, to which they seem to be hurt but never giving up. Naruto is asked why he keeps getting up against and what he’s fighting for.

Is it for his friends, or even the world. He mentions that eventually friends will stab them in the back and their love for the world will slowly rot into hatred, the village and even Sasuke have already given up, plus his love for Jiraiya has already turned into hatred. He’s already walking down the same road as Obito. All the hate and pain will eventually change him, he will face nothing but pain on the road he walks.

Obito mentions that he can say with confidence that he will always stay the same, his friends will betray him and the alliance may fall apart. Obito follows up by mentioning that he has no valid reason to fight for this world as it won’t exist, so why does he keep on fighting.

Naruto replies that it’s his Ninja way! He doesn’t go back on his word, this is his way of a ninja. Sasuke gets by him and mentions for them to put an end to this to which Naruto agrees. They enable their modes to which it creates an awesome Kurama Mode and Susanoo, it’s not a normal one as it’s a mix of both their powers, Naruto mentions that he’ll take a nice long sleep tomorrow when he can dream on his own. Naruto 650 ends here.

What an immense chapter, it just keeps getting better and better, it seems like Obito is trying to find an answer in Naruto’s words. But when will he be able to find it. And when will Kakashi show up again, can’t wait to see even more awesomeness in next week’s Naruto 651, should be good.

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  1. jasper

    plz am kinda confused…does it mean that the war has been on 4 just a day ever since the ten tails arc started???…cuz sometime aqo naruto said the next day would be his birthday…buh i didnt see any birthday special in the nxt manqa…so am kinda confused


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