Natsu Returns! Lucy Reports – Fairy Tail 276

Fairy Tail 276 see’s the return of Natsu and Happy to Lucy as she reports the events of the Grand Magic Games which are going on. On top of this, we see her try to locate most of the members of Fairy Tail in a chance to return them together and return Fairy Tail to its glory.

Fairy Tail 276 begins as Lucy gets ready for the day, she has to go to the Grand Magic Games which is going on, A year has passed from this point. Lucy tries to get into the stadium but can’t find her pass so uses her appeal as a woman, she tries to distract them but somehow her pass appears from her bag.

We see a few matches here and there, as it seems that none of the major guilds are there. It seems that Lucy is working with Jason as she writes and helps him out. We learn that many of the members of Fairy Tail have gone their separate ways in order to accomplish their own thing. Lucy even became a model but she wanted to write, thus she enlisted Jason for this help.

None of the major guilds like Blue Pegasus, Fairy Tail or Sabertooth are there at the games. Lucy has been making excuses as to the fact that she wants to see them but doesn’t know what to say. Lucy has also been tracking down all the members of Fairy Tail in her board, but Natsu or Happy have made a move.

A new day, and she gets ready and goes to the Grand Magic Games, it’s the finals between two guilds. Lucy predicts that the weaker team will win due to the fact that they want to gain more money from it. A mysterious figure approaches the center of the stadium in order to fight the winners.

It seems that it’s none other than Natsu, as his heat waves begins to reach everyone, melting the stadium and burning people’s clothes off. He exhaust the winners with just one strike and wins this. After showing up, he and Lucy meet eyes and say their hello’s, she asks how he has been during the time he was missing. Fairy Tail 276 ends here.

Seems like Natsu has returned with an even stronger power compared to a year ago, and it seems that we’ll learn what happened throughout the year out in next week’s Fairy Tail 277, titled “Flaming Message”, should be awesome can’t wait.

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