The 10 Tailed Beast! – Naruto 609

Naruto 609 finally shows us the appearance of the epic 10 Tailed Beast! It has appeared and everyone’s in trouble! Both Obito and Madara keep on fighting but they know that there is no stopping the 10 Tailed! Naruto tries his best to keep Obito away from Kakashi.

Naruto 609 starts off as Obito wonders how Kakashi will be able to help Naruto in his weakened condition. At this point Kakashi falls to the ground, even with his condition he’s unable to hold his posture. Guy says that he’s also going to help. Bee notices that Kakashi and Guy both are unbelievably powerful and have a lot of guts.

Bee notices that the wood holding him together has weakened and out of nowhere, he bursts out of the place, Guy is flown to the sky, he’s caught. Bee warns Naruto that the wooden binding is effective as the first Hokage’s, it allows to suppress the power of a Tailed Beasts, it’s the same abilities in which Yamato uses.

Obito compliments Kakashi that he can use his Raikiri to such a high level, his capabilities of using his Mangekyou Sharingan is also pretty intense. He wonders if he’s going to be able to return from his dimension in his current state. He’s wooden arm grows, as he goes to attack, it covers Naruto’s hand and starts to go through his whole body.

Obito reaches his other hand towards Kakashi’s head, Naruto quickly reaches and hits Obito’s head with his own, he states that Kakashi is with him! Obito is pushed back. The large thing has also started to crack, Bee says that he wants to take care of it!

Naruto says that he’s got an image on his head of how Naruto will be stomping his face with all he’s got! Obito quickly thinks that he’s going to get serious and going to be kicking Kakashi’s ass, he keeps on going towards Naruto and Obito. Kurama asks Naruto to switch with him, Naruto agrees.

They change, Kurama appears in Naruto’s body and calls to hold Kakashi’s hand, he then gives something to Kakashi, Kakashi is then swing towards Obito. Obito gets his chance and quickly uses his technique to get Kakashi within his dimension. Naruto has his stupid face to what just happened, he asks Kurama why he did this, Naruto takes over and goes for a punch, this goes through his body.

In the other dimension, Kakashi smashes Obito’s body, this gives him the ability to do so while he doesn’t get damaged by Naruto. Kakashi takes this opportunity to kick his ass. Naruto then covers his head, giving Kakashi the ability to knuckle Obito’s face, and he does so. Kurama reveals that when he held Kakashi’s hand, he gave him some chakra. He uses his Kamui to return himself.

Somewhere else, Naruto and Bee have both created a massive Bijuu Dama, they launch this impressive and massive Bijuu Dama towards the Gedo Mazo. They launch it and it goes straight towards the place, there is a large explosion at that point. Bee celebrates thinking that they’ve done it, Naruto also does this. Obito states that yes, it’s over, but then we see the real meaning. He mentions that it’s the end of this world, Madara states that it’s  time to let the show begin! A large 10 Tailed Beast Appears!!  It’s impressive size covers most of the space! Naruto 609 appears!

What an amazing chapter! The ending was specially awesome, the 10 Tails is such a surprise although this is the first time we’re seeing it properly, it’s still such a massive sight to see. Plus how will Naruto and Bee be able to defeat it? It’s going to be hard for them! Can’t wait to see next week’s awesome Naruto 610!


There are 8 comments

    1. Sunite

      I was a little disappointed that the Ten Tails wasn’t as impressive as it was thought to be, although it’s likely that we’ll see it’s rage later on, hopefully it doesn’t flop


  1. dreager1

    Well, I’d say that Killer Bee and Might Guy are pretty much at the end of their rope. Naruto’s still holding his own though and I think that he can take on the 10 Tails if he gets enough time. Kakashi could maybe take Obito…maybe. Madara’s a bit of a wildcard at this point. If he turns on either Naruto or Kakashi, things may end badly. It was definitely a solid chapter


    1. Sunite

      When the hell are all the friends of Naruto going to arrive? maybe when they arrive, they could all try and take out the Ten Tails, that way all nations would share the Ten Tails… be in peace or something…


  2. SpaZI

    Good Chapter…. considering the Juubi’z reincarnation…… also Obito has now been succesfully countered, so hell get his arse kicked if he try’z to act all cool an stuff…. 😀
    The Juubi & Edo Madara will sure raise some collective hell,…. an im guessin Naruto & Bee will be on the ropes in the next few chapters…… Unless ofcourse another player is added into the equation…. I.e; Sasuke…… He will definitively make an appearance here, probabaly against the Edo Madara + Juubi Team up….. Sasuke imo will certainly have a problem being overshadowed by Madara,.. and would most certainly not like to be ordered around either…. As both have Eternal Mangekyou’z, they will fight it out to establish who is the superior one,… And Sasuke’s not one to back off from a challenge ,… but this doesnt mean Suasuke will join Naruto….. Naruto on the other hand might try to help out Sasuke in the process by which means Sasuke might ultimatly acknowledge him…….

    Another thing….. Gedou Mazou was one thing but Juubi is another level altogether…. Will the Juubi fight every1 in its path or will it be controlled by Madara???


    1. Sunite

      I’m pretty sure that Madara will try and control it 😀 but if he fails, everything’s gone, if he can control it then he’ll be successful. Plus Sasuke arriving now would be pretty epic, although Im sure Kishimoto will move away to Sasuke’s thing with Orochimaru… thats one thing I want to see


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