The Zero Division Appears! – Bleach 516

Bleach 516 has to the one of the best reveals ever, the awesome 0 Division has appeared and it’s impossible to think that only 5 members are needed within such an important and crazy team, they being the strongest who are all more powerful than all of Soul Society and Gotei 13! We also find out more information on what happened to Ichigo’s Zanpakutou.

Bleach 516 starts somewhere where there are multiple pillars where a person tells these officers with new tags on their cloak that everyone is ready. Ichigo reaches Mayrui’s lab, he notices that his sword still isn’t fixed. Ichigo brings up that Mayuri had previously repaired his sword, Mayuri corrects him telling him that he had modified it.

In order to repair a Zanpakutou, the owner needs the Reishi and Reiatsu, which they need to merge them into their Zanpakutou, it’s simple. Ichigo starts talking when Mayuri stops him. He tells him that it only applies if the Zanpakutou was broken in its Shikai phase, but if it was a Bankai then it would be a lot different!

Mayuri reveals that a Broken Bankai can never be returned to its former state. Mayuri reveals that there are some exceptions like Komamura because his Bankai is different. Madarame’s Bankai was previously destroyed, and now it’s not even a fraction of what it used to be.

Ichigo asks about Renji’s, Mayuri states that his Bankai was destroyed by Byakuya, now since it was his Bankai, it was never repaired because of how hard it is, and thus Renji’s Bankai remains broken since their last encounter. Someone large appears, it seems that Kon has finally appeared! Ichigo asks who they are, Kon introduces himself as strong and King of New York!

Mayuri watches as Kon went from being large to small, Mayuri says that it was interesting to what just happened. Mayuri receives a message, he clicks his head and hears the message, he reveals that the Zero Division has arrived! Somewhere else, all the Captains are standing there.

Ichigo runs towards all of them, Ichigo asks Shinji who the Zero Division and where they are staying. Shinji tells him that they live with the Spirit King in the Royal Palace. Shunsui reminds Ichigo of how he arrived, the wall never used to be up, it was only up during an emergency like now.

They quickly arrive from a large pillar like object in the sky. Ichigo notices that this is a Tenchuuren (Literally Meaning Heavenly Pillar). They use it as their preferred method of Transportation by the Zero Division. Everyone from the Zero Division is inside that pillar, Ichigo asks if they aren’t cramped in that space.

Shunsui reveals that there is no soldiers in the Zero Division, also calling them all Captains wouldn’t mean a lot. Shunsui also reveals that their combined power is greater than all of the Gotei 13 all together! The 5 Amazing members finally appear! A man with glasses, a woman who looks like she’s full of regret, a large man with a large beard, a skinny man with something in his mouth. A large woman who looks cheerful! Bleach 516 ends here!

A great chapter where we finally lay out eyes on the fantastic Five great members of the Zero Division! What a great and awesome chapter! They all look fantastically powerful, but still look pretty calm! Can’t wait to see what they’ve got, can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 517!

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  1. azure

    i’m not the only One here who Bet that Nice looking Lady (With Black Hair) from the Right Side is ” Kirio Hikifune ” right ?


    1. SpaZI

      i think the first one from the left would be Hikifune…… the 2nd from left looks like a relative of Kenpachi…… As for the Babe from Right side….. Im guessing she must be related to the Spec Ops div (# 2 Div)….. Maybe an elder of Soi Fon / Yoruichi… 🙂


    2. Sunite

      😀 a lot of people who knew about Kirio guessed that she would be there, but until we know all their names we can’t get straight to the point, however I too think that it’s her 😛 however it could be the other girl 😛


  2. Isamu715

    This “broken Bankai” thing is weird. Renji used his Bankai numerous times after his fight with Byakuya and I don’t rememeber any of the blades looking different than the others(i.e. broken), maybe I didn’t pay attention to this though. Still, Mayuri says he modified his Zanpakutou, seems legit, his Bankai got busted twice and nothing changed in neither it’s appearance or power. Well, as it looks now we’ll definitely see Ichigo talking with Tensa Zangetsu in a few chapters and the way he’s going to fix his Bankai may turn out to increase his power even more.


    1. Sunite

      What Mayuri was talking about was the joints on his Bankai, not the blades on his Shikai, we could never count all of them but it could be that quite a few were just taken out after the battle…
      Plus it was strange how Mayuri was talking to Ichigo, even if he told him about everything he knew, Broken Bankai’s and stuff, it seemed as thought Mayuri had gone through his research to find out that Ichigo has Quincy powers, thus not talking to him straight, even if he told him about the Zero Division, it seemed like he was forced into telling him…


  3. dreager1

    Zero Division is here…they sound tough, but I hope that Shunsei is either exaggerating or underestimating the captains. I mean, these 5 beating the 13 Captains?…..I’m not so sure about that. Especially if we’re counting Yamamoto.

    At least this proves that the Soul King isn’t figurative. Still, I wonder when he’ll appear, and why he doesn’t care that Soul Society was pwned..then again, Squad Zero doesn’t seem to care much either.

    Well, I expect Ichigo to get a power up or 2, humiliate squad Zero, rebuild his bankai, beat the Soul King, and take down all of the villains! That would be an epic way to finish the arc 🙂


      1. dreager1

        I’d love it if it ended that way! I already think that Ichigo is far stronger than all of the Captains, but the author hasn’t fully confirmed it yet. I want to see them show that he’s the absolute strongest Bleach character. Plus, he needs to destroy or beats the Soul King. I don’t want that guy making it through this arc in one piece.

        Plus, I don’t like Squad Zero. I dont’ expect them all to live through this arc…maybe 1 or 2, but their chances are a bit iffy. Ichigo pwning everyone would be cool


    1. Sunite

      I believe Shunsui, with such things as these it would be wrong to underestimate the 5 members, plus they’ve been known to protect the Soul King, that’s worth more than anything in Soul Society, Yamamoto may have been the oldest Shinigami, but it seems that he’s not the strongest, although he was said to have the strongest Fire Bankai, there are other even more strongest and powerful elements such as lightning, water, earth or something more unique…

      Squad Zero don’t seem to have a lot of interests, the amount of power they may have and their appearance are totally different, I expected them to look pure badass, but this contradiction in characters is a nice idea too…

      The Soul King is what holds everything together, as stated by Urahara, if Ichigo beat the Soul King, he would be accomplishing Aizen’s plan…


    2. Mike

      No, it is perfectly possible than all 5 of them are greater than Gotei 13. They are the best of the best. Have you eve wonder why 13 squads are so weak ? That’s because they are new captains and lieutenants. You can’t possibly be telling me that in so many generations, there isn’t shinigamis that are stronger than yamamoto. My friend who is an expert about bleach hypothesis that each of the 5 members of zero divisions are at least same level or higher than yamamoto


  4. 101nemesis

    I’d say the 1st lady who looks all happy is Hikifune. She looks more of the mother figure type as described by Hiyori. I really don’t see the angry Hiyori getting along with the pretty female on the right side. She does look like she is from some noble family though. Probably she could have been the predecessor to Yourichi.

    If I am right about the fat one being Hikifune, I think we’ll see Shinji getting a huge bear hug from her cause I’m pretty sure Shinji was in good terms with her as well cause of Hiyori.

    I have a feeling that the middle, bearded person, is a younger brother of Yamamoto. Put a cross scar on his forehead and imagine a white beard instead of the black one and we get a slighty younger version of the old Yamamoto.

    I have a feeling that the 2nd member from left with the thing in his mouth is gonna be an idiot who looks down at others. He does have THAT look to his face.

    About Ichigo’s bankai, I guess he will need to have talk with zangetsu. My guess is that, he will find Zangetsu injured. Probably without a limb or something. He might then go to his dad for advice and that time will learn more about his mom. And also, since he will have a weaker bankai, he will need to learn some new quincy moves.


    1. Sunite

      Hmm a lot of people suggest that it could be the other skinnier woman, but at this point, they all have the same chance of being Hikifune, if the sad woman somehow had negative feelings in coming and seeing Hiyori’s dead body then that would be horrific for her and would be in her mind, so I think it could be her.. However the happy woman has signs on her cheek, possibly noble family emblem or something as you mentioned…

      Lool Large bear hug xD lol 😛 He could be Yamamoto’s smaller brother or could be related to Kenpachi Kiganjo. Guy with the thing in mouth seems like he could turn into a bad guy later on, but not sure if that could happen…

      What you mentioned about Ichigo going to see his father could be something that could become reality.. he will need to eventually go and see Isshin for advice and such.. eventually ask about Ichigo’s past and his mother too..


        1. Sunite

          Yes she is, I wrote it a little wrong, what I meant was if Hikifune had the feeling that Hiyori was dead or something, thus showing the negative feelings, but now that we know she’s the one you picked my theory is wrong 😛


    1. Isamu715

      On an individual basis I would say that Yamamoto was the strongest, that’s why he was the Captain Commander. When fighting Aizen he said that in the last tousand years no Shinigami stronger than him was born. They don’t look older than Yama-ji so it would make them inferior to Yamamoto.

      About the total power I believe Shunsui was serious, just look at all the Shinigami below Vice-Captain level, if the 0 Squad members are close to Yamamoto’s power level their combined strength would indeed be higher than this of Gotei 13.


      1. 101nemesis

        Yup. I agree.
        It’s not necessary that individually they need to be stronger than Yamamoto. They are probably around Aizen’s level if not a lil higher. Aizen alone took out most of the captains on his own. So the zero squad, assuming they are of his strength level, can easily be much more powerful than the 13 divisions combined.


      2. SpaZI

        Div 0 members (Induvisually) would be classified in Yamamoto’s league, but not higher…… i just dont see as to how they could top out more than what we saw during Yamamoto’s fight….. His full power was no joke….. So im pretty sure alll the Div 0 members would all have their own unique abilities which would be on Yamamoto’s level…


      3. deltaboii2012

        I agree with what you said about the last thousand years no Shinigami stronger than him was born…but he is/was 2000 so that means he could have potentially lost to at least 4 of the royal guards a little over a thousand years ago but not Kirio Hikifune because she was only promoted 100+ years ago


  5. people

    if what shunsei say is true about the zero division being that strong, then that means back then aizen was as strong or maybe stronger than the zero division since he beat most of the captains just like that.


        1. Sunite

          Lol, I was the previous comment was mentioning about Aizen and Yama…. I replied to them telling them that during that fight, Yama never showed his bankai to Aizen…. only to Juha…


    1. 101nemesis

      Technically, Aizen beat them because of his ability. I’d say Aizen is on Kyoruku’s level or a little higher without his zanpaktou’s abilities. Kyoruku took out Stark without any trouble. Stark even states “why does he have to fight someone so strong?” Kyoruku was way too powerful for Stark. Aizen is strong but I doubt he is stronger than the zero division. He probably would be a part of the zero division if he wasn’t evil.


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