Shisui’s Death! Coup D’etat – Naruto Shippuden 358

Naruto Shippuden 358 shows what had really happened when Danzo had forced himself into taking Shisui’s eye for himself as well as what the Uchiha Clan did during Kurama’s attack that led them to actually building a Coup D’etat. Itachi struggles to find a way to which he can be both Uchiha and a part of the village, he will have to make hard decisions. 

Naruto Shippuden 358 begins as the ANBU keep a watch over the Uchiha clan, to which Kakashi and Itachi are both going over there to check what is going on. Kurama’s attack on the village was early blamed on the Uchiha. Danzo even mentions that putting them back to help others will be the best as they won’t be able to regain control of Kurama and use it for themselves.

Kurama’s attack begins while the Uchiha retreat to their safe zone and Fugaku refuses to go to help as orders the village. There’s a large explosion outside the village whilst everything in the village is trashed. Hiruzen, Danzo and the others discuss this and how it could have all happened, they seem to point towards the Uchiha in which they could have summoned and controlled Kurama to destroy the village.

They mention to increase surveillance on the Uchiha. Mikoto, Sasuke and Itachi go to see Naruto in the hospital. Kakashi and Itachi setup and begin watching on the Uchiha. Itachi is told that it’s dirty to watch over family like he is now. However he mentions that the Uchiha already know that they’re under suspicion.

There’s a fight in the village to which the Uchiha Police takes them away. Hiruzen and the others also mention that the Police are being distrusting them by their actions. The Hidden mist try to attack however they notice that Shisui is there and thus they back off. They report back when Shisui wants to have a private talk with Hiruzen. He mentions that there are problems between the two clans and wants to see if he can make anything better.

He’s told that he reminds Hiruzen of Kagami. Kagami and Itachi talk about how there will be trouble in the future. To which Fugaku will be the reason for the Coup D’etat. The two sides need to change for the village to not be in trouble. Itachi is told that he’s under suspicion. He talks to his father telling him that he was a mission and won’t be able to make it to the Uchiha Clan ritual.

Kagami is given the mission to go to this ritual and try and control Fugaku to help combine the two sides of the villages. Hiruzen also promises that he will do his best to find a middle ground. Fugaku notices that Itachi will not be making it. We see Danzo and Shisui talk to which Danzo quickly mentions that he’ll most likely want to control him aswell.

This calls for Danzo to attack Shisui however he’s stopped quickly, however a few seconds later Danzo appears out of nowhere and attacks Shisui quickly taking his right eye. Shisui is shocked and quickly tries to escape. He appears where Itachi is to which he mentions that he should keep his left eye for safe keeping and then he suicides.

Danzo seems to have control over Fugaku at this point. Itachi reports in to mention that Shisui had suicide to which Hiruzen blames himself for giving him such a task. Itachi looks at the Uchiha Stones to learn something new. The ANBU go a head and attack a few enemies to which many already know about Kakashi.

Itachi asks Kakashi about his left eye and how he has to keep a wish. Itachi keeps on thinking about this and how he will do such a thing to help both sides. Itachi remembers Shisui’s wish to which at this point in time it seems that the Uchiha have already begun working towards their plans. Naruto Shippuden 358 ends here.

A really good chapter, and I’m glad we learnt a lot more about Shisui from this episode. I also really like how this episode was much more concentrated on Itachi then the usual Kakashi. Nevertheless I can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 359, titled “The  Night of the Tragedy”, when we go ahead and see what happens in the Uchiha Village.

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  1. Highscore

    A good review Sunite 🙂

    I also have enjoyed this episode. I have learned over time that the golden rule which determines the filler quality is: As far as the filler close to the main story line as far as it will be good.

    I still can’t accept this mix up in the level of technological advances that appear from time to time in Naruto universe. For example the spying and surveillance equipments used by the ANBU ! It was more reasonable to keep the environment in antiquity.

    Danzo will remain one of the most controversial figures in the history of Konoha, it’s become more clear every day that this man is a major cause of all the disasters that have occurred in the leaf village and the ninja world generally. Escalating tensions between the Uchiha clan and the leaf authority is no exception, and It was a poetic justice that his end came at the hands of Saskue the last survivor of the Uchihas. I think I will return to watch the battle between Sasuke and Danzo for one more time.


  2. jasper williams

    damn…shishui was really cool….i think danzo and fuqaku are 2b blamed for the uchiha mischief…on ma side fuqaku was destroyed by pride….nyc one there…..


  3. Lil chipotle

    Why tf does this review seem like it was done by an 8 year old? “A suicide?” He doesn’t even say how he died. He goes way to quickly into next scenes without even giving much detail. Not trying to be mean just my opinion.


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