Komamura’s Family Secrets! Mayuri’s Secret Experiment – Bleach 539

Sajin's Grandfather will crush Sajin

Bleach 539 begins a long and strenuous adventure to which the captains are training as hard as they can in order to compensate for their lost Bankai’s. Akon arrives to notice that Mayuri is doing strange experiments on something unknown. Soi Fon is training by herself while Ichigo reaches another strange thing. At the same time, Komamura tells his Grandfather that he wants to learn the secrets of his family.

Bleach 539 begins as Akon arrives with a head wound in their research centre. He asks where Mayuri is, someone mentions that he’s been in his room with Nemu ever since the Quincy attack. Akon gets a little wary of what he could be doing. He notices strange things on the ceiling and of the corner that nothing is happening. He goes towards a computer and does a few things.

The captain has been in his room for more than 24 hours but the surveillance bugs have been switched off, which has never been done before. Akon mentions that it could be because Mayuri could be doing some kind of experiment that he doesn’t want anyone else to see. In this case, he mentions that he will need to confirm.

He mentions that he’s setup a camera in his room to which he may have needed for something. He turns it on and it starts to show something. They can see their shadows, Mayuri and Nemu stand above a table in which it seems that they are dealing with a body of something, possibly a Quincy. The words Kanane, and Akon asks if they can move. Akon wonders what that is and what Mayuri is making.

At the Omaeda house, we see Mareyo Omaeda who is the second daughter in which she asks Marechiyo to play ball with her, he mentions for her to be quite and that he’s doing some work. She begins to cry when Marechiyo tells her not to cry since he’s busy, a younger brother appears in which he mentions that they can do stuff together, he can tell her a story from a book of his.

Saburo’s books are mentioned to be icky by Mareyo, Saburo laughs that she can’t even understand the deepness of his literature. Mareyo mentions that she’ll just go for a walk to get rid of Saburo. Marechiyo stares up at the sky wondering how Soi Fon didn’t let him go with her. We go to Soi Fon where she’s training on the tip of a mountain in which he uses trains her hands.

We move onto Sajin, where the older and bigger dog asks what Komamura’s business is. He gets on his knees and tells him that he’s come to inherit the family secrets from his great grandfather. His grandfather gets pissed off by what he’s just said, he laughs greatly, he then tells him not to make him laugh. He follows up this by mentioning that he was ashamed of their appearance and therefore wore the hood and armor to pretend to be a human.

And now he comes lowering his head, while asking him to teach him. Komamura mentions that he no longer wears a hood nor does he wear any armor. The world has changed in these decades and he feels that the world has changed so that their family can live among them without hiding their families.

This world is on the verge of a crisis. The grandfather quickly stops him, telling him to hold his tongue. He’s getting it wrong, the world will fall into ruin, the world’s bearer will simply change he mentions. They won’t change no matter who holds the world. All they can do is lay low. Komamura mentions that he knows that they can change that, for themselves as well as their children and grandchildren.

However the grandfather mentions that nothing will change as what ever happens to this world is none of their concerns, Komamura shouts his name when he quickly gets up! He’s told that he is telling him not to disturb their peace, if he cannot then he will have to crush him. Komamura mentions that he can do whatever he wants.

In Nimaiya’s palace, they go down a tube where Ichigo brings his Asauchi, Ichigo bangs his face on something where he gets a little hurt. Nimaiya told him not to go face first.  He starts to gets pissed off when Nimaiya shows him something, It’s a water type thing which is much needed. He mentions that the Phoenix Palace must be located at a high place for this reason.

He goes on to mention that for a Bankai to be restored, there needs to be a lot of water, this is why. He goes on to mention that Ichigo needs to prepare himself as from this point on, Ichigo will have to say goodbye to his Zanpakuto Zangetsu! Bleach 539 ends here.

A great chapter, hopefully we’ll carry on with Ichigo’s training during next week’s Bleach 540, plus seeing Komamura’s and possibly Hisagi’s Bankai in action in a few chapters after that. It’s getting better and better! Can’t wait for the awesome and amazing chapters, bring ’em on Kubo!

There are 9 comments

  1. Bhungane69

    great episode but its not enough, will komamura get more power,kanane? What is the twisted mayuri up to now? This is too much excitement… where is zaraki? Ukitake? What ever happened to Gin? I know he did not die back then by Aizen…


  2. Ne3X7

    Cool design, Sunite 😉

    On topic, the chapter’s amazing! I though we’d have a cliffhanger about Ichigo, but nothing like it! And it’s just awesome! Great grandfather is also cool, I love the way Kamamura looks tiny in front of him.


  3. rise

    i really hope that zangestu doesnt go away, it might be possible that zangestu might change into something else, like him combining with ichigo quincys power of something


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