My Hero Academia Anime gets 3rd Season

The final episode of the popular anime My Hero Academia anime confirmed on Saturday that the anime will be getting a third season. It seems like the third season will cover the forest school trip arc from the original My HEro Academia manga by Kohei Hirokoshi.

The announcing video can be seen below:

The second season has been really cool, it even got me reading some parts of the manga. With that mentioned, the third season has me hyped up for the upcoming third season of the anime.

Nevertheless, what do you think about the second season and the upcoming season? Go ahead and comment down below telling us what you think!

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  1. Karandi

    I feel the second season did a great job fleshing out the world and the characters but the story hasn’t progressed much, so I am really looking forward to a continuation and hopefully now that we have all those details about the characters we can see a truly epic adventure.

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  2. dreager1

    I’m definitely hyped for season 3 and I’m glad that it was announced so soon. I’ve enjoyed season 2 quite a lot and I think the director and animators have done a really good job with it thus far. The forest is one of the best parts of the series so this could be the best season yet

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  3. hlsailer

    I’m super stoked. Can’t wait. I feel like My Hero Academia gets a lot of creds, but it’s still not enough. To have an anime that has so much spirit and heart and balance like this is just incredible. Hell, to have any show with any of that is just so freaking awesome. Absolutely LOVE BNHA, will absolutely be watching all future seasons


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