Rock Musical Bleach Reveal Main Visual and New Cast Visuals

Two weeks ago, we revealed some news about the Rock Musical Bleach with some information on the musical as well as when it’s happening, along with visuals of most of the characters participating. This post reveals the all new main visual for the Rock Musical Bleach as well as the remaining participating characters.

Rock Musical Bleach

Rock Musical Bleach Main Visual

Along with the amazing main visual for the Rock Musical Bleach show, here are the next batch of visuals for the new characters belonging to the show. These can be seen below.

Some great new visuals, I think from these, my favourite has to be Zaraki, he doesn’t look as big as the one in the manga and anime, but still it’s very well done. On top of which, Rangiku also looks fantastic. Anyways, what do you think about this, go ahead and comment down below telling me your opinion. Also which is your favourite.

Source: ANN

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    I can’t wait to see it, I wonder if they will use new songs.

    (I’m not getting my hopes up too much or anything, but since they brought back the Musical, I hope they will bring back the anime)


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