Naruto Female Characters Compared to Greek Goddesses

Naruto is a great long running series, it has some great male and female characters which are loved by many fans. This posts will cover briefly who some Naruto female characters are if they were Greek Goddess’ as compiled by fans.

Tsunade as Athena

Tsunade Athena


Tsunade is known for her strong prowess and will. She is clearly some that can take control of a situation, such as a war and use her experience and wisdom to her will.

Hinata as Eirene

Hinata Eirene


Being someone that loves and has a peaceful outlook on life, someone who protects what she holds dear is the will that Hinata has.

Ino as Tyche

Ino Tyche


Ino, someone who works with others in a team and someone who always makes sure that she is strong enough to keep up with her team mates. With such abilities, forture and luck come quick her.

Mei Terumi as Nike

Temari Nike


Mei Terumi worked tirelessly to restore her village’s name to something recognizable, something that could bring victory and peace once again. I think she did a pretty good job.

Temari as Aura

Temari Aura


Temari suits Aura so well, she is the Goddess of the Breeze and thus her abilities with her weapons fit her so well. Definitely a great match for her.

Sakura as Artemis

Sakura Artemis


Sakura, members of the main Team 7, being someone who was trained by Tsunade, her abilities are great and something that can stand even against the strongest of strong. Her power rivals that of even a Kage, especially with her regenerative abilities.

Tenten as Themis

Tenten Themis


Tenten has always been someone who loves her tools and weapons to fight against any opponent. I agree with Justice and Law since she seems like someone who would like to make sure everyone is on the correct path.

Konan as Hecate

Konan Hecate


This one is so good, although she isn’t quite someone who would use magic and witchcraft, due to the type of show Naruto is, it seems like her abilities compared to real life are something that would be seen in that way. So another good match here.

Kushina as Mnemosyne

Kushina Mnemosyne


Kushina, mother of Naruto, who is amazingly talented and has a large amount prowess when it comes to her abilities, being a Uzumaki. Her being the Goddess of Memory relates to how she has passed away, but has come to Naruto time and time again to aid in his troubles.

So whats your opinions on these fantastic pieces of artwork. These were posted on Gihtoki’s tumblr profile, check them out if you’d like to see more tumblr artwork. Otherwise share these to your favorite socials.

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