Karin is Sarada’s Mother! Orochimaru’s Hideout – Naruto Gaiden 7

Naruto Gaiden 7 reveals Karin to be Sarada’s real mother, this is done by the help of Suigetsu who tested Karin’s DNA and Sarada’s DNA to see that they have a match. Sasuke suspects that Shin Uchiha is an experiment by Orochimaru, they head towards his hideout to find him to have a new body and explains who Shin is in terms of his past experiments.

Naruto Gaiden 7 begins as Sakura talks to Shin as he reveals that all the kids here are his clones, they have the same DNA as him, Sakura is shocked that he treats them like this, his not even Orochimaru. When find out that Orochimaru is in fact Shin’s teacher, he was in fact one of his old experiments.

In order for Orochimaru to learn about clone techniques, he did tests on him. Shin use his own teeth in order to cultivate the other clones to life. He describes them as stock to be used as flesh. Naruto tries to find Sakura using his Sage mode to find her but he cannot.

Kakashi had mentioned that this could be something to do with Orochimaru, it’s also very similar to that of Danzo and his right arm. If they want to find Sakura, they will need to go and find Orochimaru’s hideout. They also mention that they will have to take Sarada and Chocho. Chocho can see the tension between Sarada and Sasuke, she tries to calm them by giving them some crisps.

Shin tells Sakura that living things are meant to die, genes, reproductive cells and so on help people live longer, or they’re refereed to as children because they carry on the genes. However, opposite to this, non-reproductive cells or organs die and thus he goes on to mention that he will use these vessels to replenish himself.

Shin goes on top talk about how human evolution sometimes becomes stronger as two separate gene pools are mixed into creating a new being, or their children so to speak. He goes on to mention as things evolve, new techniques and new ninjutsu techniques evolve, therefore war is essential if people are to evolve.

That is why the Akatsuki exists, at this point Sakura calls him stupid for not thinking correctly, calling him stupid and having no idea about what’s truly important. We see Yamato meet up with Sasuke and Naruto in front of Orochimaru’s hideout. They go in to find out to find Suigetsu and Jugo, Sasuke tells him to lead him to Orochimaru’s hideout, Sarada remembers that they’re from the image she has.

Orochimaru appears and greets them, Orochimaru notices Chocho and Sarada there, Sasuke quickly goes on to mention that his underlings tried to kill his child and harm his wife, if he’s planning something he should reveal it right here. Sasuke quickly asks about Shin when Orochimaru shows him a room with one of Shin’s clones in there.

He goes on to mention that this is Shin, he was fascinated by Itachi and is not a member of the Uchiha, he is one of his former experiments and he goes on to mention that this child became Danzo’s right arm. He mentions that child is special, he showed absolutely no signs of rejecting transplanted tissue, he had a unique DNA makeup.

Orochimaru wanted more of his bodies, thus he repeated his cloning technique to unravel the mysterious of genetics. Naruto tries to understand that they’re like Kagebunshin Jutsu but these do not disappear. Orochimaru mentions that these clones reborn all on their own, they have their own personality and thoughts.

They’re cultivated so it takes time to regrow, however their genes are the same like father and son, or even siblings. If he wants to get rid of them, he’d have to completely kill them off. Naruto mentions that it’s not that simple when it comes to humans. Orochimaru mentions that people are slaves to their genes and are quite simple.

Sarada speaks asking what about non-clones, what about a regular parent and child, Orochimaru smiles and responds seeing as she talked. Sasuke mentions that there is no time to play around, if he knows where she is then take them.

Orochimaru agrees to the Leaf taking over and taking Shin of his hands, he’ll give him all the details so let’s head to the monitor room. They go on ahead when Sarada speaks to Suigetsu, she shows a picture of them asking where Karin is. He mentions that she’s at a different hideout, she then asks a favour of him, as she tells Suigetsu that she thinks that she could be her real mother.

He goes onto move some of her work around and find some of her genetic material that she somehow kept in one of her draws. Suigetsu then gets some genetic material from the inside of Sarada’s cheeks. He begins to analyse them, after a few seconds she see’s an exact match! Suigetsu concludes that Karin and Sarada are a DNA match, proving Karin is Sarada’s mother!

While this happens, Naruto silently hears them out, all while Sarada remembers Sakura and her smile, she cries while Suigetsu mentions that they have similar glasses. Naruto tells Suigetsu that he’s always getting in the middle of things, calling him a dumb ass for what he did. Suigetsu mentions that it’s Sasuke’s fault for fooling around.

Naruto enters the room telling Sarada that they’ll be leaving soon, so she should come with him. Sarada is still crying after finding out that Sarada and Karin are mother and daughter. Sarada thinks that Naruto and Sakura have the same atmosphere. He mentions that they need to go save her mother, Sarada shouts that this is a lie, the Seventh is a liar. She activates her Sharingan as she tells him why she should go help someone who isn’t her mother, or even anything to her. Naruto Gaiden 7 ends with an explosive ending.

A brilliant chapter, it seem that Sarada and Sakura have some talking to do, on top of which Karin may have some explaining to do here to Sarada. I still have little doubt to why Karin would have her own DNA in one of her cupboards, and it could easily just be Sarada’s DNA which Karin’s kept for some odd reason, giving the perfect match, or even Sasuke or Sakura’s DNA. Still it was a brilliant chapter, we’ve finally found that Sarada is truly the child of Karin and Sasuke, while Sakura kept a watch of her. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Gaiden 8 when we see what Sasuke’s reaction could be to all this.

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    1. Sunite

      Well, we still haven’t got a clear explanation to who it is, the test could have been done wrong and the piece of skin or tissue in Karin’s desk could have been Sakura’s, Sarada’s or Sasuke. I think we need, Naruto, Sakura or Sasuke himself to reveal it to her. Then I think I will 100% believe it.


    2. Detti

      Actually i didn’t pay attention to every detail, but if it was a 100% match, that only proves that Sarada is well…Sarada xD…every persons DNA is individual, and there are no 2 exact same sample…that’s why police can identify the killer for example…also i study a lot of genetics in the university, so i can say it to you for sure.
      If the sample wasn’t a 100% match but it was similar, then yeah it is possible for Karin to be the mother.
      Although i don’t know, how scientific about it Kishimoto, but i will give you this answer as a hope 😉 The question is still not decided yet 😛


    3. Jesika

      Well what if Karin’s chakra formed with sasuke whenever he bit to heal cause she has healing chakra right? So what if she is sakuras and sasukes child just has some DNA chakra of something formed with her cause of this. Just anthough


      1. Jazz

        This is what i thought too, that she has Karin’s DNA through Sasuke. I still can’t believe that Karin is her biological mother. Or maybe Karin did an experiment using Sasuke’s DNA, and not actually having sex with him, ugh.


    4. RoseaBee

      As far as I’m concerned, Sakura is Sarada’s mom, and Karin her mother. It’s who has the backbone to raise you that makes up your parents; not solely who birthed you.


  1. Crimson Kinghgf

    The past few chapters have been pretty much a road map leading to this conclusion, so no surprises here. The real mystery is how Sarada ended up with Sakura in the first place. Did Sakura steal the baby? Did Sasuke do it? Or did Karin simply give Sarada up for whatever reason?


  2. Bijoy Bhattacharjee

    I personally think that naruto manga should have ended after naruto’s becoming hokage.This naruto gaiden manga chapters are stretching things unnecessarily.It is reverting back to the same plot-that is reformation of akatsuki and also inclusion of Kaguya Akatsuki as per the basis of upcoming Boruto movie.If this keeps on continuing then the famous naruto series will become unending.


    1. Sunite

      There are a few people saying that she still might not be, the test that was done could be inconclusive. And having a 100% accuracy is impossible if it’s an offspring of two different people. It would never be 100% the same unless they’re clones.


      1. Crimson Kinghgf

        I’m almost 100% positive that the test results are the real deal. Nobody at Oro’s hideout knew they were coming, which means Suigetsu couldn’t have planned a false outcome. His whole demeanor shows that he was completely clueless about what Sarada wanted from him until she told him. There were no signs whatsoever that anything fishy was going on on Team Oro’s end.

        More importantly, to what end would they go to the trouble of fooling Sarada into thinking Karin is her mother? The only thing that could possibly come from doing that is a bit of family drama between the love triangle and their daughter. Oro cares about pulling pranks on families now?? Doubtful lol. Suigetsu might hate Karin, but he’s never struck me as the sort of person who cares enough to bother or is mean enough to do something like that to a kid. On top of that he would be crossing Sasuke… he doesn’t have the balls lol.

        There is the very slim possibility that Oro is up to his old tricks and wants Sarada’s Uchiha body. Having Karin be Sarada’s mother could put Sarada right into Oro’s hands if Sarada goes to live with Karin. But again, they would have to deal with Sasuke, and by default, Naruto as well… Both of whom still have Hagoromo’s power on top of the ridiculous power they already had… Team Oro would get wtf pwned.

        Oh, and the 1% chance that the test is wrong, even without any foul play, means that it’s Sakura instead???? Not even the craziest of cosmic coincidences is that crazy. Sakura would have to be her twin sister or her mother for Karin to be a 99% match.

        Sorry I know I rambled lol


  3. arei87

    Hmmm.. it could be Karin was so obsessed with Sasuke that she made a baby using her dna and Sasuke… so they never really had sex.. it was a test tube baby.. hence the hush hush…


  4. igunami

    The story is about clones so could be that karin was so obsessed with sasuke that she had his DNA saved so she could make her own personal sasuke clone for herself i mean she was crazy after all


  5. Cyan

    what are u all dumb?! dont u understan what karin said herself? she only delivered sarada (she did the labour) sarada was born to sakura not karin… geez stupid lot of morons dont even understand what “dlivery” means!!


        1. Sunite

          It’s no problem, these manga narrative review articles concentrate on what the actual manga chapters talk about and what they are referring to, if they hint at Karin being the mother then it’ll be titled and written appropriately, but if in a future manga, there is new info, the new blog post will be titled appropriately and so on… It would very time consuming if I went back and updated all the old articles.


  6. UchihaSarada

    Well, in the next chapters, Karin says herself that Sarada is Sakura’s daughter, and that she delivered Sarada, thus proving that Sarada is purely Sakura’s and Sasuke’s daughter. Plus, Sarada’s eyes look JUST like Sakura’s. SO it’s really Suigetsu who has A LOT of explaining to do to Sarada.


  7. Brand

    I’ve got into the Boruto series, but i would question it cuz i mean i would just take physical appearances really and just combine them with how they look wit other people too. As for Sarada she may be under the influence of being trained by Karin. but fuck i forgot wt i was trying to say.


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