Sakura’s Emotions! Naruto’s Chakra Control – Naruto Shippuden 409

Naruto Shippuden 409 follows the story of Sakura as she with Ino and Choji try to beat their opponents who just don’t know when to stop. On top of this, Naruto and Jiraiya begin their training as Naruto’s seal is undone a little to train with Kurama’s chakra, however it all goes out of control and both Naruto and Jiraiya get hurt from it.

Naruto Shippuden 409 begins as both Ino and Saya are within Choji, however with all her power Ino was able to get rid of Saya from inside Choji and control Choji to quickly defeat the enemies by punching them, it seems that they go their own way to regain their composure for now.

Saya is pissed off and thus they try to get back at them in their own way. Choji and Ino are both tired from all of this, Sakura always thinks that she is the one being prepared. Jiraiya and Naruto train, first off all they try to unseal some of the power from Kurama, however ones this is done he goes into his Two Tails straight.

Naruto tries to suppress his power however Kurama just makes it even harder for him to control it. Naruto transforms into his four tails and goes out of control Jiraiya tries to seal Naruto once again but fails as they both end up in hospital after countless tries by Jiraiya. Naruto just promises to try even harder to control and won’t ever give up.

Sakura, Ino and Choji are trapped in a sand storm, Saya then unleashes her Sand puppets, Mamushi is covered with sand to attack them from the inside. Ino tries to use her power but she is too low and isn’t able to do a thing. Ino and Choji are bit by Mamushi’s snakes and are poisoned.

Sakura begins to think of her past when she was talking with Tsunade about not performing surgery and how she was very low on chakra. Ino and Choji both see this and say that they’re sorry for asking her and making her come. Sakura steps up as she gears up to increase her chakra.

Her chakra increased so much that she jumps up and does her famous punch to the ground that it defeats all three enemy members at the same time. They all go on ahead to the end of the line to pass the exam. Naruto Shippuden 409 ends here.

A good episode, however next week’s Naruto Shippuden 410, titled “The Hidden Plot Set Into Motion” covers how Gaara is going to be the part of everything now as he finds Fuu and talks to her about her Tailed Beast. On top of which the coup in the village is also talked about.

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