Labyrinth Sylph Defeated! Gray vs Doriate – Fairy Tail 230

Fairy Tail 230 see’s the defeat of the three members of Labyrinth Sylph where Flare, Lucy and Wendy all get really strong for a point and just smack them out of this world. While Gray faces Doriate, he has a bit of trouble however pushes through when he is gets a message about his friends from Ur. Erza needs Gray to defeat him otherwise she will die by the hands of Minerva.

Fairy Tail 230 begins with as Natsu keeps on running after the sound he heard before. Flare saved Wendy and Lucy after she arrived. She mentions that they will all defeat them. She also reveals that she is in fact from this village, they are her family. She wants to defeat them for coming there.

Her hair is cut but with Lucy’s help, she can defeat some of their members. Then Lucy goes on to call for Virgo to dig underground but isn’t able to since the ice is able to block her from digging. Flare’s hair is once again cut, however this time she uses an ability thought to her by the Eternal Flame where her hair turns into fire.

Somewhere else, Wendy is caught, Lucy is targeted and Flare’s hair is tangled. However, seconds later we see that Lucy, Flare and Wendy aren’t in fact trapped. They go onto show the members that they’re setting them up as they kick them out of there defeating them. Carla and Happy are both having to hide after a large bird appears and circles them.

Erza and Minerva keep on fighting while Natsu runs onto the voice he hears. Flare tells Lucy about her past and how when she went to the main land, she never met anyone. She joined Raven Tail, they spoke bad about Fairy Tail and just followed without thinking of anything.

Erza keeps on getting beat unable to battle back, she needs some kind of help to get her form back or else Minerva will kill her. Gray finds Doriate where he turns him into his child form and screams out of all the memories of Deliora and Ur, however Ur appears and tells him to gain confidence and courage.

He does so and is able to get his mind back, then able to freeze his opponents hand, he’s going to battle Doriate to help save himself, and the forms of Natsu and Erza. Flare with Wendy and Lucy are going towards the Flame where they will find something, Natsu also goes that way when Fairy Tail 230 ends here.

A fantastic episode, it seems to once again be building up and this Eternal Flame seems very familiar, it seems that flame itself was frozen, and with Flare’s help they can do something about what’s going on. Next week’s Fairy Tail 231, title “Gray vs Doriate” will see Doriate unleash his true power, and see Erza turn back to normal.

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